Bill Nye Lights Up GOP Congressman Who Pretends Not To Understand Climate Change

Bill Nye Thomas Massey climate change

Bill Nye took on Republican Rep. Thomas Massey who claims to be an electrical engineer, but he doesn't understand climate change.

Bill Nye Explains Why Climate Change Is To Blame For The Severity Of Hurricane Florence

Bill Nye explained on MSNBC that climate change is making hurricanes like Florence more severe because of increased ocean temperature.

Bill Nye Brilliantly Quotes The Constitution To Prove That Trump Must Act On Climate Change

"It's in the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, to promote the progress of science and useful arts."

Louisiana Floods Coincide With Announcement July Was Hottest In History

Climate change increases the amounts of rain in the most intense events, and extreme rainfall events like in Louisiana are expected to grow increasingly more common.

Texas-Size GOP Hypocrisy As a Result of Climate Change Deluge

It is true that all Republicans are blatant hypocrites, but now that go-it-alone awesome Texas experienced a little anthropogenic climate change weather, the Lone Star State's Republicans, both tea party and mainstream Republicans alike, are demanding some of those hated "federal government handouts" they oppose for other Americans whether it is for food, housing, healthcare, or disaster relief.

Get the Facts on President Obama Teaming Up With Bill Nye For Earth Day

On this Earth Day, President Obama and Bill Nye The Science Guy are highlighting the value of vulnerable places like the Everglades and announcing new steps to protect the people and places climate change puts at risk.

Bill Nye Pummels Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn In Climate Change Debate

The Meet The Press climate change debate wasn't much of a debate at all as The Science Guy Bill Nye called out Republican congresswoman Marsha Blackburn's talking points, and pummeled her with science and facts.