Bill Shine

Fox Exec. Shine Leaves White House Under Suspicious Circumstances

Trump on Friday accepted the resignation of Bill Shine, the former president of Fox News, who had spent just nine…

4 years ago

Trump Furious at White House Staff; Wants Hope Hicks Back

New reports out of the White House say that President Donald Trump is extremely angry about Bob Woodward’s book, and…

5 years ago

Trump Is Trying To Ban Reporters From The White House For Asking Questions

Trump has been trying to ban reporters from covering White House events for months because he didn't like their questions.

5 years ago

Trump’s New Communications Chief Questioned By Federal Investigators In Sexual Harassment Probe

Current Trump White House communications official/former Fox News boss, Bill Shine, has been questioned by federal investigators in their investigation…

5 years ago

Joy Reid Connects The Dots And Exposes The Dangerous Trump/Fox News Connection

On The Rachel Maddow Show, Joy Reid put the pieces together and illustrated how the Trump/Fox News connection goes beyond…

5 years ago

Trump Hires Fox News Sexual Assault Enabler Bill Shine For His White House Staff

Trump has closed the circle on both his relationship with Fox News and sexual assault by hiring the Fox News…

5 years ago

Fox News Is About To Officially Take Over The White House

Trump is about to name former sexual harassment enabler and Fox News boss, Bill Shine, as White House Communications Director,…

5 years ago

Trump Buddy Sean Hannity May Be Gone From Fox News By Friday

It is being reported that after the firing of Fox News co-President Bill Shine, Sean Hannity is looking to leave…

6 years ago

Sean Hannity Could Be History After Fox News Fires Network Co-President Bill Shine

Another brick in the Fox News wall of scandal came tumbling down on Monday, as network co-president Bill Shine was…

6 years ago