Billy Graham

As DACA Deadline Looms Trump Compares Immigrants To Snakes

At a time when Congress is trying to work out a deal for Dreamers and address other issues regarding our…

5 years ago

Under Religious Right Threats, Duke University Backs Down over Muslim Use of Chapel

After granting Muslim students use of the school chapel bell tower for call to prayer, Duke University backed down in…

8 years ago

More Heartache Around the Corner for God’s Own Party in 2016

Where once three-quarters had been Protestants alone, now barely three quarters are even Christian, and the numbers continue to drop

8 years ago

In a Time of Rising Liberalism, Religious Right Clings to Hope of Religious Revival

"Prominent national faith leaders, pollsters and others said they are witnessing what appear to be early signs of a spiritual…

10 years ago

Franklin Graham Says Election Day 2012 is America’s Last Call

Not only has God decided Mormonism is not a cult, but that former heretic Mitt Romney is his last true…

10 years ago

Billy Graham’s Debate Day Present to Romney – You’re not a Cultist

Billy Graham was clear about what constituted a cult. But for the sake of theocracy in 2012, Billy Graham sold…

10 years ago