Who Knew? Debate Over Switch to Permanent Daylight Savings Ignites Furious Passion

Who Knew? Debate Over Switch to Permanent Daylight Savings Ignites Furious Passion

Most of us grew up knowing that time zones weren't a "thing" until the railroads were built and it became…

2 years ago

GOP Strategist Behind Republican Obstruction Of Obama Now Laughably Calling For Compromise

Republican strategist Frank Luntz said that after winning the Senate majority, Republicans should work with Democrats and President Obama to…

9 years ago

Jon Stewart Calls Out Republicans On Their BS For Claiming They Want Bipartisanship

Wednesday night's episode was the first chance that Jon Stewart got to fully discuss the State of the Union address.…

10 years ago

Republicans Claim that America Can No Longer Afford Compromise and Bipartisanship

There are myriad examples of the neo-conservatives' opposition to compromise and bipartisanship in the House, and to a lesser degree…

10 years ago

There Has to Be Room for Dissent Among Obama Supporters

Harsh attacks by liberals on liberals who disagreed with the President's Social Security proposal seem aimed at stifling democratic dissent

11 years ago

Arrogant Boehner and McConnell Act Like They Won the Election

Arrogant leaders in the House and Senate have issued statements that gave the appearance Republicans had won the election handily…

11 years ago

The Factors Behind Dick Lugar’s Defeat and the Democrats Opportunity

Dick Lugar lost to his Tea Party opponent in Indiana's GOP primary. Is this a victory for Tea Party extremism…

12 years ago

The Very Real Possibility of No Compromise In The 112th Congress

The prescient question is; will the 112th Congress accomplish anything without compromise? It is difficult to foretell the future, but…

13 years ago

President Obama’s Tax Compromise Passed by Congress

President Obama's tax compromise passed Thursday with a 277 to 14 (139 Democrats and 138 Republicans voting aye). The Senate…

13 years ago