Former Birther Matt Romney Now Thinks Obama is ‘Great’

Mitt Romney’s son Matt, a former birther, reforms his message in Hawaii when asked if President Obama is a Christian.

Personally, I find reform of this sort charming and a sign of hope much missing from the Republican Party, but this sort of thing is just not said amongst those on the “right’, especially that fringey faction (also known as the base) that caters to birthers like Matt Romney. read more

Haley Barbour Goes Birther Adjacent

Haley Barbour has lost all dignity

Gov. Haley Barbour (MS) -- you know, the guy with the confederate flag signed by Jefferson Davis in his office who wants to run for President -- was at a breakfast meeting with reporters this morning, where he blamed President Obama for his own failure to grasp Obama's history and religious affiliations, outing himself as birther adjacent.