Keeping the Tea Out of the Democratic Party

Democrats, embrace your platform. This is the alternative.

The religious right has mostly co-opted the Republican Party (certainly in terms of platform this is a fact), but there is at least one nutcase out there and I mean nutcase, calling himself a “conservative Democrat” who seems to believe that our country was founded on the bible, not the constitution, "knows" what God wanted to do with Israel's land and believes that Islam is "evil". The problem is that this strategy of progressive tea-party-ism was a total failure.

Fear of a Beck Planet: Imagine a Black Glenn Beck

Welcome to another world, where Fox News hires an African American female, Glenda Beck, to spend an hour talking about her paranoid fantasies on the air. Lots of nut jobs go crazy and a few even kill people, claiming to have been inspired by Glenda, but Fox and indeed, the US law enforcement, stand by Glenda’s right to free speech. Naturally.

Fox Running Scared from Carter’s Fear Mongering Accusations

Former President Carter recently called out Fox News as being a source and propagator of paranoia against Obama, including birtherism and Christianism. Even though the Right loves to make fun of President Carter, Fox was scared enough by his accusations to attempt to debunk the former President via their old Breitbart fallback of misleadingly editing footage to cover their sins. Media Matters called them out on it.

Palin and the GOP Disguise Mock and Scorn as Public Policy

Mock and Scorn

In the last few years, the far right has brought this nation teetering to the utter brink of moral bankruptcy by selling mock and scorn as workable public policy. We see this in their leaders (Sarah Palin) and followers (the Teabaggers), whose team jersey is contemptuous wanton violence -- their faces screwed up into a rictus of wrath, lips snarled in ridicule as they arrogantly spew the hubristic litter of Fox News talking points.