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Chuck Schumer Slams Trump’s Blue States Comment: “What a Despicable Man”

Chuck Schumer denounced Donald Trump in an animated speech from the Senate floor following the President’s claim that Coronavirus response is going well if you exclude the blue states. The Senate Minority Leader addressed Trump’s remarks on Thursday and called out the President’s apparent failure to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. “What a disgrace!” Schumer…


Trump Administration Didn’t Want National Coronavirus Plan Because Blue States Were Hardest Hit

The Trump administration didn’t think a national approach to fighting Coronavirus was needed because the worst affected states were Democratic strongholds, a new report claims. In an extensive article about President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and his handling of the pandemic, Vanity Fair cites an expert who worked with the pandemic team. “Most troubling of all,…


California Shows Blue States Can Be Fiscally Responsible

There is an ongoing political debate in the United States about which political party is more fiscally responsible.  Historically Republicans claimed they were, because they believed in lower taxes and lower spending.  They accused Democrats of being the “tax and spend” party, and this attack line helped the GOP take political control of Congress, the…

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