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House Republican Demands Mueller Testify Before Congress ‘Without Delay’

A Trump-supporting Georgia congressman, Rep. Doug Collins, has demanded that House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) invite special counsel Robert Mueller to come testify before his committee “without delay.” House Judiciary Ranking Member @RepDougCollins  has asked Chairman @RepJerryNadler to invite Special Counsel Robert Mueller to testify before the committee “without delay.” INBOX: House Judiciary Ranking…

Trump Russia on MSNBC

Scarborough Scorches Trump For Being Russian Stooge

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough opened his show today with a blistering attack on Donald Trump and how his 2016 campaign was manipulated by Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence agents. Speaking with a great deal of anger and passion, the Morning Joe co-host pointed out how Attorney General William Barr had let down the American people by…


Rudy Giuliani Surfaces With New, Bizarre Comments

Donald Trump’s lawyer, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, seems to have escaped from the doghouse. After months on TV telling lies and saying strange, indecipherable things, Giuliani disappeared from public view. Now he has reappeared and he is right back at it, making comments that can best be described as bizarre. It’s not…


Donald Trump and His Children Are Truly Doomed

The news yesterday that Michael Cohen has spent many hours over the past month telling Bob Mueller everything he knows could not have been worse for President Donald Trump and his three favorite children, Don Jr,. Eric, and Ivanka. It basically confirmed what we’ve been suspecting for a long time: that all four of them…

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