This Stunning Fact About the Manafort Memo Could Destroy Trump

Federal prosecutors working for special counsel Robert Mueller on Saturday released a sentencing memo for former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. But the memo did not follow Mueller’s past practices of including many details which could have shed light on who Manafort was conspiring with when he worked with Russia to help Donald Trump win the presidency in 2016. read more

Mueller Requests Transcript, May Be Ready to Indict Roger Stone

The end may be near for Roger Stone, a longtime Donald Trump associate and presidential campaign adviser.

According to the Washington Post, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has asked the House Intelligence Committee to give him the transcript of its 2017 interview with Stone, which is “a sign that prosecutors could be moving to charge him with a crime.” read more

Mueller Probe Nears End As Trump Will Finally Answer Questions

The personal legal team of President Donald Trump is in the process of preparing written answers to questions submitted by special counsel Robert Mueller, CNN reported Thursday.

This new development occurs seventeen months after the launch of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The country has been waiting a long time for President Trump to speak to Mueller, and it appears we will finally be getting some answers to our questions. read more

Why the Manafort Plea Deal Could Bring Down Trump and His Family

Yesterday the news came fast and furious about Paul Manafort’s plea deal, against a backdrop of a major hurricane making landfall in North Carolina.

So much was going on that it was difficult to absorb it all. What does the plea deal mean? How might it affect such people as Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner and even Ivanka Trump? read more