Coat Hangers: a Symbolic Protest Against the Stupak Amendment

Selecting singularly vivid iconography - the coat hanger - as in coat hanger abortion, CredoAction launched a campaign to persuade the 20 formerly pro-choice Democratic Congressmen who voted Yes on the Stupak Pitts Amendment to change their minds, by sending coat hangers to those Democratic House members who voted to restrict access to abortion in the healthcare bill along with their petition.

Democrat and Reform Killer Ben Nelson Wants 65 Votes in Order to Pass Healthcare

It appears that Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) will stop at nothing to kill healthcare reform. Nelson made his latest proposals while speaking to constituents yesterday. He wants to split the bill in half to pass a cost saving bill before the 2010 election, and pass expanded coverage, "at a later date." Nelson also claims that any bill that passes without 65 votes isn't legitimate.

Of Liberals, Obama, and the Pope

President Obama is in Rome for an historic meeting with Pope Benedict XVI, and the President is doing what any sane, rational leader should do. He is open to hearing those he disagrees with. He is not running a theocracy. He knows what he stands for, but is willing to find a common thread of agreement. I dig.

Specter: I am Not an Automatic 60th Vote

At a press conference new Democrat Arlen Specter stated that he won't be an automatic 60th vote for the Democrats. He promised to maintain his independence, and cited his continued opposition of the Employee Free Choice Act as an example, but Specter announced that President Obama will campaign for his reelection in PA.

Restoring Democracy; The Progressive Agenda

There is a fine line between the strength of the left's questioning of their officials (a good thing) and destabilizing reactionary anger (a bad thing). A recent example of this is the left railing at President Obama to prosecute the Bush administration and others for torture. Urging Obama to prosecute is tantamount to asking him to Bushify the Executive Office.

Rick Warren Compares Democrats to Prostitutes

Rick Warren was on the Hugh Hewitt show today, where explained that the reason why he gave the invocation at President Obama's Inauguration. Warren said that he wants to have Christ like ministry, and that Jesus hung out questionable people like prostitutes and tax collectors. Apparently in his mind Democrats are the prostitutes and tax collectors of America.