Trump Falls Apart A Michigan Border Event Over Fraud Bond

Trump Falls Apart A Michigan Border Event Over Fraud Bond

Donald Trump tried to campaign for the first time in weeks and he could not keep it together at an…

2 weeks ago

Biden Trounces Trump On His Own Issue At The Border

The border was supposed to be Donald Trump's issue, but President Biden went to the border and outsmarted him.

1 month ago

Residents Tell Trump He Is Not Welcome On The Border

Border residents held a press conference to say that Donald Trump is hurting them and that he is not welcome…

2 months ago

Democrats Pounce After Trump Screws Republicans On The Border

Trump screwed Republicans on the border deal, and Democrats have seized on an issue that looks to be moving toward…

2 months ago

Hakeem Jeffries Calls Greg Abbott A Human Trafficker

House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries called Texas Gov. Greg Abbott a human trafficker during an interview on CNN.

2 months ago

After Killing Bipartisan Border Bill, Republicans Demand Border Bill

After killing the bipartisan border bill in the Senate, Republicans immediately demanded a bill to address the border.

2 months ago

Hakeem Jeffries Slams GOP Mayorkas Impeachment Stunt

House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) slammed House Republicans for trying to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas instead of doing something…

2 months ago

John Fetterman With A Truth Bomb: Republicans Want Open Borders

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) pointed out that by blocking the border bill, Republicans are proving that they are the ones…

2 months ago

House Republicans Admit They Are Blocking Border Bill To Hurt Biden’s Approval Rating

A House Republican told reporters that the reason why they are blocking a bill to help with the border is…

2 months ago

Democrats Are Hammering House Republicans For Caving To Trump On Border Bill

House Democrats like Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) are calling out House Republicans like Speaker Mike Johnson for caving to Trump…

2 months ago

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Biden And Hands Greg Abbott Border Defeat

By a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court ruled that the Biden administration could take down Gov. Greg Abbott's floating razor-wire…

3 months ago

The Trumps Are Threatening Any Republicans Who Makes A Border Deal With Biden

The main reason why President Biden can't get a deal with Republicans to tackle border issues is that Donald Trump…

3 months ago

White House Blasts House Republicans For Threatening Government Shutdown If The Border Isn’t Closed

The White House hammered House Republicans for threatening to shut down the government unless the border is closed.

3 months ago

Biden Has Made The GOP Border Blow Up Backfire On Republicans

By signaling that he is ready to make a border deal, President Biden has turned the Ukraine hostage taking into…

4 months ago

House Democrats Release Evidence That Destroys Kevin McCarthy’s Impeachment Push

House Democrats released the testimony of Chief Border Patrol Agents that debunks Speaker McCarthy’s push to impeach over false claims…

9 months ago

Eric Swalwell Masterfully Turns The Tables On The GOP’s Border Hysteria

After the RNC tweeted about 11,000 lbs of meth being seized on the border, Rep. Eric Swalwell asked why Republicans…

2 years ago

Congresswoman Veronica Escobar is Calling for Stephen Miller to be Jailed

Stephen Miller, a key aide to Donald Trump, was the key architect of the 4th president's disgraceful border policies. And…

3 years ago

Biden on Trump’s Potential Visit to the Border: I Don’t Care What He Does

Joe Biden has had a very successful start to his presidency. Americans are getting vaccinated at an incredible rate. A…

3 years ago

Opinion: Trump’s Domestic and Foreign Policy Reveal his Genocidal Mind

The national security threats the behavior of President Donald Trump and his administration have posed to the United States have…

4 years ago

Anti-Worker Venom also Fueled the Government Shutdown

Though the U.S. government has opened for business again, it is worthwhile to understand the anti-worker venom that perhaps motivated…

5 years ago

With no evidence, Trump says family separations deter illegal immigration

Donald Trump said on Saturday that separating migrant families at the border could deter illegal immigration and that he was…

6 years ago

Trump Tried To Con America On Family Separations But He Just Got Busted By Adam Schiff

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) revealed that Trump's executive order was a lie, and Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen privately told lawmakers…

6 years ago

Oregon Governor Says She Will Refuse to Send Troops To Border

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) has posted a tweet saying that she will not respect any order from President Donald…

6 years ago