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Fox News Claims Obama Put a Gun to BP’s Head

Fox News ratcheted up their pro-BP rhetoric today when the Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore went on their On The Record program and claimed that President Obama put a gun to BP’s head, “The federal government, that is to say the Obama administration put a gun to BP’s head and said either go along with this agreement, or the future of this company will be very much in jeopardy.”


BP Buddy Sarah Palin Tells America to Ignore the Oil Spill and Keep on Drilling

Sarah Palin was on Fox News’ Fox and Friends this morning to argue that the oil spill in the Gulf is not a good enough reason to not, drill, baby, drill. Palin said, “We still need to drill, baby, drill.” She also bogusly claimed that without offshore drilling energy production would be, “outsourced.” Does she understand that the oil belongs to the companies, not the American people?


Kevin Costner’s Oil Clean up Machine Provides Hope for the Gulf

Kevin Costner, he of liberal Hollywood elite status, may be riding to the rescue of the deliberately careless drilling in the Gulf that lead to Deepwater Horizon’s tragic oil spill. Costner co-founded Ocean Therapy Solutions, which is now partnering with BP to deploy the machine that separates oil from water, known as CINC, in the Gulf. CINC uses centrifuge technology to clean up oil spills.


Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and the RNC Throw Rand Paul under the Bus

By any standard Republican Kentucky Senate nominee Rand Paul has had a terrible week. He followed up winning the GOP nomination on Tuesday with a disastrous appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show, which he followed up with an even worse appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America where he defended BP and the oil spill. Most telling is the way that his Tea Party backers, including Sarah Palin have remained silent on his comments.


Mitch McConnell Defends BP and Blames Obama for the Gulf Oil Spill

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was on Meet The Press today, and he came right out of the gate trying to score political points on the Gulf oil by blaming the Obama administration for the incident, “the administration’s involvement in this will be a big part of the inquiry.” McConnell also stated his opposition to lifting the damages cap and making BP pay for everything.

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