Trump Supporter Threatens To Shoot CNN’s Brian Stelter And Don Lemon

A supporter of President Donald Trump threatened to shoot CNN reporters Brian Stelter and Don Lemon during an on-air call with C-SPAN, Stelter reported during his show Sunday on CNN

The caller’s threat came amid continued attacks on the media from Trump, who has described the press as “the enemy of the people” and “fake news.” read more

Finally, Kellyanne Conway Gets Called Out For Spreading Misinformation By CNN’s Brian Stelter

When Kellyanne Conway tried to lie and say that the Steele Dossier was completely unverified, CNN's Brian Stelter called her out for spreading misinformation on his show.

Brian Stelter Shows The Media What Courage Looks Like By Asking If Trump Has A Mental Illness

CNN's Brian Stelter asked the questions about Trump's mental fitness and competency that the mainstream press and especially the cable news networks have mostly avoided like the plague. Stelter asked if Trump has a mental illness? Importantly, he also asked what do we do if the President is unfit.

CNN Drops The Hammer On Trump And Tells America That The President’s Words Are Worthless

CNN's Brian Stelter delivered a scathing and factual questioning of Donald Trump's worthless words and said what few on cable news have been willing to admit on the air. Donald Trump's promises and words are useless and worthless because he has no credibility.

Trump is a Threat to ‘How Journalists Gather Information on a Daily Basis’

CNN's Brian Stelter, one of those under constant attack from right-wing sources for being willing to take account of actual facts in his reporting, took to CNN's New Day today to argue for transparency in the Trump transition.

CNN Analyst Asked if Trump Needs Thicker Skin Says ‘I think he needs A skin’

"If he thinks this is bad now, when he is in office it's going to be all over the place, every comedian, everyone. SNL has done this to everybody."

The MSM Still Thinks it Will Have Time to Cover Trump’s Policies Once He’s in Office

Former Time editor Walter Isaacson claimed, "we're gonna have a lot of time once he gets into office to start covering his policies."

Trump’s ‘Secret Meetings’ and ‘International Banks’ Straight Out of Hitler’s Mouth

The ADL responded that, "@TeamTrump should avoid rhetoric & tropes that historically have been used [against] Jews & still spur #antisemitism"

Far From Surging, Trump Hopes to Keep Momentum Alive by Pretending to Win

Trump claims he is beating the system as his supporters game the system by rigging online polls to show he's beating the system

Executive Director of the Commission on Presidential Debates Says Let Trump Lie

"What is a big fact, what is a little fact?...I don't think it's a good idea to get the moderator into essentially serving as the Encyclopaedia Britannica"

Trump, Who Says He Will Save America, Cowers in Fear of Reporters at Fox News

He says he will make America great again, safe again. It's hard to picture a coward like this doing anything of the sort, because if you're president, you don't get to hide.

Dr. Oz Won’t Be Reviewing Donald Trump’s Latest Physical After All

"Contrary to yesterday's report on Fox, Oz will NOT be reviewing the results of Trump's recent physical"

Sean Hannity Calls CNN’s Brian Stelter an ‘Idiot Pipsqueak’ For Checking Facts

"Fire that idiot pipsqueak Brian Stelter, who said anybody that raised a question about Hillary's health was a conspiratorial thinker"

Hillary Clinton Will Put Spotlight on Trump’s Ties to Racist Alt-Right in Reno Today

Sexist, Racist, and Anti-Semitic. Clinton has every reason to criticize Trump's relationship with these people when she speaks in Reno, Nevada today.

CNN’s Brian Stelter Exposes Trump’s Reliance on Fringe Websites for Invented News

"If he's going to hold up made-up articles or made-up charts from fringe websites, how can we believe what he's actually saying?"

The Media Wakes Up And Calls Fox News A Political Organization Not A News Channel

"So I was going out on what I thought were dates. Chris, I thought these were dates. These were not dates. She was actually reporting back to Fox News about me," CNN's Brian Stelter said while discussing reports that Fox News sent out private investigators to target reporters.

CNN ‘s Brian Stelter Schools the Media for Treating Trump’s Lies Like They’re Normal

Brian Stelter made an important point on CNN, warning journalists of the necessity to fact check and contextualize, "We can’t just let it seep into the discourse like it’s normal, we have to stop and fact check and contextualize.”

Bill O’Reilly Resorts To Name-Calling And Insults In Response To Mother Jones Story

During the Friday night broadcast of The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly responded to a Mother Jones story showing he embellished his war coverage as a reporter by throwing out personal insults and accusing the magazine and others of being "far left zealots."