Melania Trump decries cyber bullying as Trump lashes at critics via tweets

Mrs. Trump has chosen cyber bullying for her focus issue as the American First Lady, leaving some to say there…

3 years ago

Supreme Court Opens the Door to Harassment So Should Liberals Take Advantage of It?

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled anti-choice protesters can harass women going into clinics. Should liberals likewise protest this way?

8 years ago

African American Woman Compared To Ape in Instagram Photo by Coworkers

Lisa Fisher, an African American woman, was shocked to find her photo posted on Instagram by coworkers, being compared to…

8 years ago

No, Conservatives, Bullies are Not the Victims

Isn't it a wee bit hypocritical to cry for tolerance of your own intolerance?

8 years ago

Coach Dave Daubenmire Says Anti-Bullying Efforts Bully Christians

"When someone says something their conscience tells them to say and everyone rises up against them, then we see that…

9 years ago

No Longer a Frontier: Free Speech vs. Online Ugliness

This week Jillian York of the Electronic Frontier Foundation denounced tech companies and employers who censor or punish online ugliness.…

9 years ago

After Steubenville, A Community Under Fire Takes Aim at the Rape Culture

Many officials in Torrington are facing the rape culture head-on, including attempting to deal with the cyberbullying of the 13-year-old…

9 years ago

While Trying to Silence Any Mention of Gays, GOPer Calls Them the Biggest Bullies in the World

Tennessee Republican state Senator Campfield said the "gay rights community are "the biggest bullies in the world" after he proposes…

9 years ago

Scrutiny of Mitt Romney’s Character Reveals Psychopathic Tendencies

Between his inability to stop laughing when he causes misery to others and his chronic deceitfulness, Mitt Romney is almost…

10 years ago

A Desperate Mitt Romney Claims Obama Planted Gay Bullying Story

Instead of taking responsibility for his bullying, Mitt Romney is accusing President Obama's campaign of planting the story.

10 years ago

Using Religious, Philosophical and Political Views to Excuse Bullying

Republicans in Tennessee say anti-bullying exceptions should be made on the basis of religious, philosophical and political beliefs

10 years ago