Ex-Reagan Official Says Trump Deserves To Lose – Will Vote For Clinton

"It is thunderingly clear that Donald Trump deserves to lose. I will vote for the Democratic nominee for president."

It’s Not War Crimes, But Bush Officials Can Be Sued For Post 9/11 Violations

According to a recent ruling by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, Bush administration officials did take part in "grave constitutional violations" after the 9/11 terror attacks. The Appellate Court revived a 'long-running' lawsuit against the Bush administration brought by mostly Muslim immigrants

Koch-Funded Professor Publicly Calls For Less Democracy

A university professor heavily funded by the Koch brothers has very publicly and openly called for less democracy to reduce the power of the majority.

CIA Torture Program Was Brutal And Ineffective

The Senate Intelligence Committee's executive summary reveals that the CIA torture program was both brutal and ineffective.

Republicans Celebrate Veterans Day By Dishonoring Veterans In Word And Deed

Republicans have no respect for the valiant service and sacrifices of veterans. In fact, for well over a decade, at least, Republicans have done everything within their power to dishonor their service.

Obama’s Smart Syria Decision Has Fractured The Republican Party

Republicans have weighed in on the President's request for authorization to launch a limited strike, but they have splintered off into separate groups and resolution will not be coming anytime soon.

Republican Logic: Intel Is Only Fact When Obama Is President

In order to justify his lack of apology over Iraq, Rumsfeld quoted Napoleon and then claimed that Bush didn't really get it wrong, '...if intelligence were fact it wouldn't be intelligence.'

Obama’s Use of Drones is Not Analogous to Bush’s Torture Program

The comparison to Bush's torture program is categorically false - not only from a legal standpoint on the use of drones vs. the use of torture, but also with respect to transparency and oversight.

Weekend Football Scrimmage in Ohio Leaves Obama Over Romney 1-0

Mitt Romney celebrated the college football season with lies about the economy and job creation and Obama told Ohioans to punt his plan away

Romney Takes War Criminal Cheney’s Money but Won’t Be Photographed with Him

Romney understands that although Dick Cheney is still a neo-con hero, the American people have a different opinion and forbid photographs with the former vice president and convicted war criminal.