Donny Deutsch on Trump: His Brand Is Destroyed Forever and It’s Going To Be Fun To Watch

Donny Deutsch on Trump: His Brand Is Destroyed Forever and It’s Going To Be Fun To Watch

For the last four years, Donald Trump has had nearly everything he wanted. The former businessman has immeasurable power. He…

4 years ago

Watch MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Shred Every Single GOP Tax Bill Talking Point To Shreds

"Corporations are swimming in money. Stocks are up 18% this year. They're at record highs. ... We are financing through…

7 years ago

Business Leaders Turn On Republicans And Blast Them For Having No Idea What They’re Doing

A business leader enraged by House Republicans letting the Ex-Im bank charter expire for the first time in 81 years…

9 years ago

Republicans Plan Another Bush Trickle Down Assault In 2015

Some Republicans are beginning to express little hope that the President will go along with the scam and may eschew…

10 years ago

Should We Worry About 3,000 Americans Turning in Their Passports Because of Tax Law?

In the end, it isn't the 1 percent who are leaving the United States, but their money.

10 years ago

Detroit Sinks Deeper Into Hell As It Faces Right Wing Utopian Fantasies

Detroit faces austerity, vulture capitalists, and privatization as right wing ideologues pounce. Of course, no good will come of it.

11 years ago

Big Box Retailers Grab Big Data – What You Need to Know When You Shop

You may think of it as checking out but the retailer thinks of it as the data grab. That visit…

11 years ago

Mitt Romney and Bain Continue to Make Millions by Killing American Jobs

Toys R Us are headed for bankruptcy and dissolution that will earn Bain Capital Partners outrageous profits as they harvest…

11 years ago

Why Progressives Can Make My Head Explode

Progressivism, like conservatism, is about regulating our lives. But I'm a liberal; I'm all about liberty, so leave my choices…

12 years ago