Direct Democracy Fail Allows “Kill The Gays” Measure To Advance in California

Before any American thinks this will never fly in the Golden State, just reconsider that because of California's direct democracy cockup, the religious right, Mormons, and Catholics from around the nation poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the campaign to pass that other fanatical ballot initiative Prop 8.

As Same Sex Marriage Bans Crumble, Republican Bigots Cling to Homophobia

At some point, a judge, politician, or political pundit must make very public statements identifying the opposition to same-sex marriage is founded in the Christian bible and not because of birth rates, state's rights, or Pocahontas marrying John Rolfe. They

Religious Conservatives Thrown Into A Frenzied Panic After Court Won’t Impose Biblical Law

Religious conservatives have been thrown into a frenzied panic because a federal judge struck down what they thought was their dog-given right to impose biblical law on people.

Justice Kennedy Swats Down Proposition 8 Again

The religious bigots who lacked an argument found out this week they lacked standing as well but like frat boys they couldn't let no mean no

Republicans Stand Opposed To Equal Rights Even After SCOTUS Decisions

The rulings have absolutely no effect on any American who is not gay, and still, those unaffected ideologues are screaming the loudest they and their rights were eviscerated with the rulings.

SCOTUS Must Decide if the Bible Supersedes The Constitution’s Guarantee of Equal Rights

Justices must acknowledge the prohibition on same-sex marriage, and homosexuality in general, has no other foundational basis than it is prohibited adherents of the Christian religion.

What You Need To Know After the First of Two SCOTUS Marriage Equality Cases

The Supreme Court listened to arguments in the first of two cases considering marriage equality today, and here is what you need to know.

80 Republicans Sign Supreme Court Brief in Support of Marriage Equality

More than 80 Republicans have signed a brief which will be submitted to the Supreme Court in support of Marriage Equality