Poll: California’s Prop 19 Has Young Voters Fired Up

An advanced look at a survey of California done by Public Policy Polling revealed that while Prop 19 is not the top reason why people are voting this year, it is inspiring young people to vote. 34% of those who described themselves as enthusiastic about voting for 19 are under age 30, and 64% are under age 45. These younger voters also favor Democrats Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown by 34 and 36 points each.

5 Weeks Out Polls Reveal a Surge of Support for Democrats

New polls released in Kentucky, Nevada, and California show that Democrats are making a big comeback in each state, and the tide may be turning against the GOP. In Kentucky Rand Paul has blown a 15 point lead in less than a month. In Nevada, Harry Reid is up by 5 points on Sharron Angle, and in California the Democrats in both the gubernatorial and the Senate races now lead.

Palin Contract Scandal Shredder Gate Blows Up

Palin's controversial speech at Cal State University leads to Shredder Gate scandal. State Senator Yee (D-Ca) gave a press conference today regarding Shredder Gate. Not only did the university deny they had the records, but later claimed that they could not release the Palin contract due to a rider specifying privacy in Palin's contract.