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Federal Appeals Court Dealt McConnell And the Kochs A Bad Day

The Appellate Court ruled that the ban on federal campaign contributions by individuals who contract with the government is constitutional. The takeaway from the ruling, besides putting a damper on McConnell’s political life, is that regardless the push by the Koch-Republicans and two horrendous rulings by Koch acolytes on the Supreme Court, 11 appellate judges firmly believe there is too much money in politics and that more “can be a very bad thing.”


SCOTUS Considers Putting Citizens United on Steroids

The first case the Supreme Court heard this term brought what’s left of campaign finance laws back for scrutiny by the same court that gave us corporations have civil rights and money is speech in Citizens United.  Citizens United, the Sequel, is brought to you by Sean McCutcheon, a businessman and Republican activist from Alabama. …

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