Ahead of 2010 Democrats Continue to Dominate Fundraising

Even though the mainstream media loves to talk about the toll that the healthcare debate is taking on the Democratic Party, there has been a large positive upside for the Democrats. The healthcare debate has re energized progressives and fueled a surge in Democratic fund raising. Democrats are currently out raising Republicans at a 3 to 1 pace ahead of the 2010 elections.

The Republicans Extremist Dilemma

I have been following the news all weekend and I think the Republican Party has a real problem on their hands. I am reminded about the saying "You created this monster now do something about it" All these left wing nut cases are about to be too much. I am sure that when Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and the Republican Party psyched these people up with their distortions and lies they had no idea that these narrow minded bigoted people would follow them to the extreme that they have.

Democrat and Reform Killer Ben Nelson Wants 65 Votes in Order to Pass Healthcare

It appears that Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) will stop at nothing to kill healthcare reform. Nelson made his latest proposals while speaking to constituents yesterday. He wants to split the bill in half to pass a cost saving bill before the 2010 election, and pass expanded coverage, "at a later date." Nelson also claims that any bill that passes without 65 votes isn't legitimate.

A Method to Michele Bachmann’s Census Madness

It seems that there might actually be a method to Rep. Michele Bachmann's Census fear mongering madness. Since Bachmann derives most of her reelection campaign funds from outside of her district, and she is struggling to raise cash, could it be that Bachmann is using Census paranoia to refill her campaign coffers for her reelection bid in 2010?

Was McCain’s Ottawa Fundraiser Illegal?

ImageThe Democratic National Committee has submitted a Freedom of Information Act request with the State Department today related to a fundraiser that John McCain held in Ottawa. At issue is whether U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins and the McCain campaign violated the Hatch Act by having the Ambassador help to organize a $100 a plate luncheon for McCain.