Chase CEO Dimon Illuminates Capitalism’s Sickness While Trying to Critique Socialism

To perhaps an unprecedented degree in the United States, we are witnessing an increasingly serious debate playing out about the relative merits of capitalism and socialism.

Trump’s Rants Against GM Reveal His Scary Ignorance of how the Economy Really Works

Trump’s recent rants against General Motors and the United Auto Workers for the closing of the Lordstown, Ohio plant where the Chevy Cruze was assembled reveal that Trump indeed has his own version of capitalism, one rooted in an understanding of economics that has little to no resemblance to capitalism.

Trump and Cronies Lie About How Capitalism Works in Claiming Tax Cut Will Lift Wages

Celebrants of the recent tax bill have claimed, echoing Trump’s top economic advisors, that the massive corporate tax cut will indeed trickle down or, to mix metaphors, serve as the proverbial rising tide that will lift all boats. read more

Rand Paul Fears Sanders’ European-Style Socialism Leads to Genocide

Paul compared Sanders' European-style socialism to the communist regimes of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot as though they are identical

Conservative Heartland Institute “Accuses” Pope of Paganism

The problem for conservatives is not that the Pope made room for Paganism in the Church, but that he refuses to make room for capitalism

Bernie Sanders Outrages Evangelical Republicans With The Idea Of A Socialist Jesus

Evangelicals are incensed by ideas of a socialist Jesus, but facts are facts - Jesus, like Bernie Sanders, championed the poor, not the rich

Trump Thinks He Can Scare the Pope, Whom He is Pretty Sure Doesn’t Hate Capitalism

Donald Trump wants to pit his fourth-grade level rhetoric against the Pope to convince him only capitalism can keep ISIL out of the Vatican

Wealthy Americans Prove Pope Francis’ Point by Threatening Economic Blackmail

Home Depot founder Ken Langone complained that the Pope is being mean to rich Americans because unlike rich people in other countries, American rich people are benefactors.

Republicans Go Mad As Pope Francis and President Obama Deliver The Same Economic Message

Republican evangelicals have gone mad with rage as Pope Francis and President Obama are delivering the same rejection of their selfish economic ideology.

Steve King Says if You’re not a Capitalist You Don’t Love America

"They don't like the constitution, they don't love this country, they don't appreciate the greatness of America, they don't think of this country the way I do"

The Abject Failure of Republican Economic Policy Is Driving Millions Into Poverty

As economic stewards, Republicans have shown themselves to be abject failures on every front whether it is driving millions of Americans into poverty or creating hardship for businesses.

The Chamber of Commerce Rewards Scott Walker For Making Wisconsin Last in Job Growth

The Chamber invited Scott Walker to represent 'enterprising states', even though their own study placed Wisconsin dead last for short term job growth from September 2010 and November 2012.

The Right to Work Shot Heard Around the World Won’t End Well for Conservatives

Unions are a part of capitalism; they are one of the self-regulating forces that can serve to keep 'too-big-to-fail' at bay. They are a check on absolute power.

Bryan Fischer Says Jesus Had Capitalism in His DNA

Fischer strikes out monumentally when he claims Jesus was a capitalist's capitalist with capitalism in his DNA: read the Gospels, Bryan!

Liar, Liar: Mitt Romney And His Job Creation Fallacy

If Mitt Romney's only qualification is as a job creator, then he is clearly a failure and not qualified to be president.