Capitol attack

1/6 Committee Levels Reeling Trump With Subpoena That Acts As A Damning Indictment

Knowing that Trump deems himself above the law and above having to comply with requirements others are expected to meet,…

4 months ago

The 1/6 Committee Has New Information On Secret Service Destruction Of Evidence

The 1/6 Committee has uncovered new information related to the Secret Service destruction of evidence around the Capitol attack.

5 months ago

Jamie Raskin Explains The Connection The 1/6 Committee Is Looking For That Would Nail Trump

1/6 Committee member, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) explained that the committee is looking to connect the Capitol attack to Trump's…

10 months ago

DOJ Won’t Defend Jan 6th Inciter Mo Brooks and Signals Trump is On His Own

The Justice Department signaled that it won't defend Republican Representative Mo Brooks and their reasoning suggests they might not defend…

2 years ago