Texas Congressman: Caravan Is Going to California

Democratic House Rep. Henry Cuellar represents a southern Texas district that includes more than 290 miles of the U.S. border with Mexico. As a result he is very familiar with border issues, including the influx of undocumented immigrants, what to do with them, and how they are treated. In his district he has national guard troops, U.S. army troops, and white militias operating as vigilantes to enforce their own version of border justice. read more

Trump Plans to Incarcerate Asylum Seekers in Massive Tent Cities

President Donald Trump on Thursday said that he will sign an extensive executive order requiring asylum-seekers to present themselves at a port of entry.

In a television speech full of tough rhetoric designed to fire up right-wing voters for the midterms, he also said that he would hold the Central American refugees in tent cities while their legal cases are being heard, which could take several months or longer. read more

Trump Busted As Troops To The Border Midterm Stunt Will Cost Taxpayers Millions

Trump is set to waste untold millions deploying troops to the border for a non-emergency.

On Wednesday, the Pentagon told Reuters that about 7,000 troops could be deployed if needed. The Pentagon refused to discuss budget. We have no actual assessment of threat, and in any case, as the BBC pointed out, the caravan is months out, so even if it posed a threat, and it doesn’t, it won’t be here *until after the election.* read more

Mexican town hit by quake welcomes migrants, quietly defying Trump

"We wish we had a space dignified enough to offer our visitors," said Zelfareli Cruz Medina, Niltepec's mayor.

As she spoke, caravan members were stringing up garbage bags to use as tents in Niltepec's main square. The warmth of the welcome in Niltepec stood in deliberate, stark contrast to Trump's hostility, said Jorge Luis Fuentes, a senior town official.