Trump and Cronies Lie About How Capitalism Works in Claiming Tax Cut Will Lift Wages

Celebrants of the recent tax bill have claimed, echoing Trump’s top economic advisors, that the massive corporate tax cut will…

4 years ago

300 of the 800 Jobs That Trump “Saved” At Carrier Plant Are Now Moving To Mexico

Donald Trump championed the 1,100 jobs he saved at a Carrier plant in Indiana, but the real number of jobs…

5 years ago

Trump’s Appalling Attack on Union Leader Chuck Jones Leads to Death Threats

"No analysis of anything Trump does makes sense without first acknowledging he's just a really shabby human being."

5 years ago

Trump Throws Twitter Tantrum After Union Leader Calls Him Out For ‘Lying His A– Off’

The reason the thin-skinned president-elect is so angry is because the union leader dropped a major truth bomb about Trump's…

5 years ago

Trump’s Bogus Carrier Deal Gets Even Worse As Only 730 Jobs Will Be Saved

President-elect Trump claimed to have saved 1,100 jobs at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis, IN, but workers have been notified…

5 years ago

The Main Stream Media is Still Pimping For Trump

Too many media outlets had difficulty attributing the Indiana corporate payoff to Pence and it's a sign they're still pimping…

5 years ago

Carrier Got A Taxpayer Handout Because Trump Holds Investment In Their Parent Company

The Carrier deal has turned into a prime example of the sorts of conflicts of interest that will be coming…

5 years ago

Wall Street Journal Slams Trump’s Carrier Deal, Says it’s Bad for Workers

"Who would you rather have making a decision about where to make furnaces or cars? A company whose profitability depends…

5 years ago

Bloomberg Refuses To Show Propaganda Video Of Trump Walking Around Carrier Plant

The cable news and business networks all run with the PR video of Trump walking around a Carrier plant, with…

5 years ago

Bernie Sanders Says What The Media Won’t: Trump Endangers US Jobs With Carrier Deal

Sen. Bernie Sanders is saying what many in the mainstream press won't. Trump's deal with Carrier has endangered the jobs…

5 years ago

Carrier Still Plans To Move 1,100 Jobs To Mexico As President-Elect Trump Got Played

Carrier played the president-elect by getting tens of millions of dollars in incentives, while still outsourcing 1,100 jobs to Mexico.

5 years ago

The White House Just Obliterated Trump’s Jobs Carrier Stunt With A Giant Fact Bomb

The White House responded to Donald Trump keeping 1,000 jobs in the US by dropping a huge fact bomb that…

5 years ago

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