Catholic League

Obama Attacked for Telling the Truth about Christianity’s Bloody History

Republicans are outraged that Christian murdering and enslaving for God should be compared to ISIL murdering and enslaving for God

8 years ago

Hey Everybody, You’re Not for Free Speech if You Are Only for Your Own

The Pope said, "You cannot provoke, you cannot insult other people's faith, you cannot mock it" but mocks critics of…

8 years ago

Bill Maher Claims All Religion is Stupid and Dangerous

Think responsibly. If we lived in a fact-based world, and want those facts to matter, we should be less like…

8 years ago

Bill Donohue: Muslims and Artists Must Become Catholic to Prevent Further Terrorist Attacks

In Donohue's ideal world, Muslims and artists would convert to Catholicism, "If both did," he says, "we would have peace…

8 years ago

Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Says Non-Religious People are Insane

Donohue says, non-religious people "believe in no-holds-barred. They don't like the three dreaded words in the English language...thou shalt not"

8 years ago

Catholic League Calls Marriage Equality One of the Most Bizarre Ideas in History

Catholic League president Bill Donohue believes some pretty far-out things himself and he may not be the one to talk…

9 years ago

Fundie Says Obama is Gay, Imprison Gays Before They Kill Kids

Discredited psychologist and anti-gay "expert" Paul Cameron, claims that Obama is gay and that gays must be imprisoned before they…

11 years ago

Neutering the Republican Penis

The Republican Party is eager to legislate on women's use of their reproductive systems; they have so far shown no…

11 years ago