The Catholic Church Uses Tax-Exempt Funds To Stop Marijuana Legalization

"The archdiocese holds the matter among its highest priorities. If passed, the law would have significantly detrimental impacts on our parishes, our ministries"

Archbishop Attacks Girl Scouts For Being Incompatible With Catholic Values

The archbishop's complaint reveals the Church’s patriarchal mindset that women, young or old, are the clergy’s property to control

Catholic Bishops Expanding the Scope of the Hobby Lobby Ruling

It appears nothing short of an outright ban, and criminalization, of all forms of birth control will satisfy the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

Iowa Senate Candidate Joni Ernst Can’t Escape The Republican Anti-Woman Crusade

For a senatorial candidate from Iowa, the way to show support for a religious principle is voting for a constitutional amendment that effectively eliminates a woman's constitutional rights, and then claim the amendment really would not do anything at all.

The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Are Abolishing Anti-Discrimination Laws

One would think most Americans support the 14th Amendment's prohibition of unequal treatment under the law unflinchingly. Unfortunately, the religious right is intent on abolishing the concept of equality and rejects the idea that no American, or government entity,