Despite Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Pledge, Koch-Republicans Will Block Infrastructure Spending

It is likely that Senator Sanders was sending a message to the Koch brothers that regardless they currently control government spending, he intends on appealing to the people for support to invest in America. Something Republicans oppose regardless Americans' lives have been lost and are increasingly in danger due to America's substandard transportation infrastructure.

The Koch Brothers Try To Fool The American People With An Evil PR Campaign

What is missing from the long list of Koch demands to abolish virtually the entire government is exactly how it will help Americans.

Oregon Initiative Is A Blueprint For National Marijuana Legalization

Regardless what one thinks about marijuana use, whether for recreational purposes or for its many medicinal applications, the time has come to seriously consider putting an end to its criminalization nationwide.

House Republicans Kick Off 2014 By Ignoring Everything the American People Want

Republicans began 2014 the same way they started the past three years; working solely for their special interests' campaign donations and against the American people.

South Carolina Ethics Commission Gives Mischievous Lawmaker a Pass

A South Carolina legislator illegally charges taxpayers for Walter Williams flights. Ethics committee says ignorance of law is excuse.

Southern Republicans Drag the Rest of the Nation Down by Doing the Kochs’ Bidding

The real tragedy is that as stupid Southern voters do the Kochs' bidding by keeping Republicans in power, at least in their states, they are dragging the rest of the nation down to their level

ALEC Members Refuse to Sign a Pledge Supporting Democracy

ALEC members were recently asked to sign a pledge to support democracy, and they refused. Not only did they refuse to sign the pledge, but the corporate media didn't report on it.

Republicans Starve The Poor While Handing $20 Billion to Corporate Welfare Bums

As millions of Americans go hungry, federal government pays about $20 billion in cash annually to farmers and farmland owners that primarily benefit corporate agriculture.

Anti-Free Market Republicans Want to Kill the USPS to Create a Monopoly for UPS and FedEx

One of the reasons Republicans drool to end the USPS is that it delivers millions of parcels every single day, and at a low cost that keeps private carriers' (FedEx and U.P.S.) prices in check.

Opposition to Chuck Hagel is a No-Win Scenario for the GOP

There is no conceivable outcome in which GOP opposition to Chuck Hagel ends happily for Republicans

Reaganites: Reagan Would Never Support Extending the Bush Tax Cuts

Republicans Betray Theories of Regananomics

Earth to the Republican Party: David Stockman, the architect of Reaganomics, declared on NPR that “Reagan would never support extending the Bush tax cuts.” Stockman took this assertion a step further in calling out the Republican leadership for perverting the notions of fiscal conservatism and betraying what the Party used to stand for. He laid his harshest blame on the Bush administration.