Trump’s Approval Rating On Immigration Hits All-Time Low

In the past month President Donald Trump’s approval rating on the immigration issue has dropped five points and now sits at just 35% in the latest CNN Poll which came out on Monday.

This poll is the first hard evidence that Trump and the Republican Party may suffer politically from his new zero tolerance immigration policy which includes separating children from parents who are arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border. read more

White House In Turmoil As Voters Feel Trump Is Failing On Every Major Issue

Donald Trump

What do the economy, health care, terrorism, and immigration have in common? They're all issues Trump is failing on, according to the American people.

Historic Margin Among Women Voters Gives Clinton Massive Lead In New National Poll

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump 2016 poll

Clinton leads by 9 points nationally and a whopping 19 points among women.

More Bad News For Trump As Latest CBS Poll Has Clinton, Democratic Enthusiasm Surging

Hillary Clinton polls

Rising Democratic enthusiasm comes at a time when many voters across the country are already casting their ballots.