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Big Win For South Carolina Teachers As Stephen Colbert Funds $800K Worth Of Grant Requests

Stephen Colbert announced that he plans to fulfill every existing grant request made by SC public school teachers on

8 years ago

Republicans’ Rule A Death Sentence For 9 Million Disabled Americans

Republicans have shifted their focus slightly away from just killing Americans' jobs to killing disabled Americans; nearly nine million disabled…

8 years ago

Anti-Tax Republican Governors Are Raising Taxes On The Poor and Middle Class

Even though most Republican governors are wary of going all-in on tax cuts for the rich and corporations like trickle-down…

8 years ago

John Boehner and Eric Cantor Respond to Economic Good News By Planning to Kill More Jobs

It was a certainty that Republicans would use the recent good news on the economy, both GDP growth and job…

9 years ago

Republicans Launch an Ad Campaign That Will Help Democrats Win House Seats

The NRCC is accusing Democrats of voting to keep devastating Medicare cuts in place while at the same time accusing…

10 years ago

Fox News Claims the Economy is Great in Order to Bash President Obama

In an attempt to bash the President over food stamp usage, Fox News claimed that the recession ended four years…

10 years ago

The 12 Lies That Made Mitt Romney’s Debate Performance Pure Fiction

Mitt Romney told outright lies about his record on several occasions - at least 12 times. The day after the…

10 years ago

Romney Admits Tax Plan Is Based on Fox News Lie That 47% of Americans Don’t Pay Taxes

In a secret video, Mitt Romney admitted that the economic rationale for his campaign is the Fox News lie that…

11 years ago

A Scared Romney Tries to Drive Wedge Between Obama and Clinton with New Ad

Romney's new ad accuses Obama of being a big government liberal who is handing welfare checks out willy-nilly, and who…

11 years ago