Central America

Trump Is Losing It As Democrats Write New Laws for Border

History will show that when it comes to the political battle over security at the U.S. border, Donald Trump is…

4 years ago

CDC Director Smacks Down Republican’s Idiotic ‘Immigrants Brought Measles’ Theory

Preventing measles in America doesn't require more troops on the border, it requires putting more vaccination needles in our children.

8 years ago

Marked Ebola Retreat In West Africa A Victory For Public Health – And Democracy

Congratulations are in order to every civic leader, health professional (many of them American) and citizen who has worked to…

8 years ago

Can Obama Fix the Troubled Export of American Democracy to Latin America?

All too often, the export of democracy has looked a lot like the export of imperialism, and America's defense of…

8 years ago

Ahead Of Midterm Elections, GOP’s Message Appears To Be One Of Racism And Hatred

Two recent events have brought out the Republican Party's inner racist demon -- the GOP's Senate primary runoff election in…

9 years ago

Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski Says Impeachment Talk Is ‘Disturbing’ And ‘Really Scares Me’

On Wendesday morning's episode of Morning Joe, host Mika Brzezinski played separate video clips of Republicans claiming President Obama needs…

9 years ago

When Religious Belief is Put Aside for Corporate Global Domination

Two of the oddest couples in election history were created this year when Mormon Governor Mitt RMoney picked multimillionaire Congressman…

11 years ago