N.B.A. Punishes N.C. Bigots and Moves All-Star Game

The N.B.A. cannot successfully host our All-Star festivities in Charlotte in the climate created by the current law.

6 years ago

Obama Wallops Republicans With The Facts About Their Plan To Cut Taxes For The Rich

President Obama used facts and math to reveal the true agenda behind the Republican plan to cut taxes for the…

8 years ago

Game On! Democrats Choose Philadelphia For 2016 Convention Site

Citing logistical advantages and the city's historical significance, the Democrats choose Philadelphia for the 2016 convention site.

8 years ago

Hillary Rodham Clinton Going To Charlotte NC To Join Kay Hagan For An Early Vote Event

On October 25, Hillary Clinton and North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan will appear together for an early vote event at…

8 years ago

Republicans Decide the Solution to Their Problems is to Screw America with a Smile

The Republican National Committee has decided that if they present detrimental legislation with a smile on the faces, their harmful…

10 years ago

Obama Unleashes a Barrage of Truth and Honesty that Leaves Republicans Defenseless

Obama waited until the opportune time to unleash a barrage of truth and honesty that leaves Republicans few options that…

10 years ago

Obama’s Convention Speech: The Real Mission

President Obama's real mission tonight is to do the one thing he has failed to do over the partisan screaming…

10 years ago

Bill Clinton Mixed Teacher and Preacher While Giving the Convention Speech of His Life

Bill Clinton delivered what may have been his finest speech in entering Barack Obama's name into nomination at the Democratic…

10 years ago

Blame the Media for Not Reporting Just How Much Republicans Hate America

Throughout President Obama's term, the corporate media has propagated most of the Republican talking points by guilt of omission in…

10 years ago

Deval Patrick Rocks the Convention With Impassioned Call for Obama

Deval Patrick issued a fiery call to Democrats to rally around Obama, implying that Romney is more interested in having…

10 years ago

Watch Live the Opening of the Democratic National Convention

Democratic National Convention Chair Antonio Villaraigosa will gavel in to officially begin the convention proceedings at the Time Warner Cable…

10 years ago

Republican Corporate Hubris Meets Democratic Community Building

The Republican Party wants approbation for its plutocratic principles; the Obama team counters with an America built by teamwork

10 years ago