Amid Scandals And Strife Can You Hear The ‘Prayer Of The Children’?

We live in a noisy world. In the cacophony of words and sounds that fill the air waves of radio and television and that stuff up our ears and cross our eyes from tweets to television news, advertising, and even the inner cries of our own being, innocent children are crying out for their parents from the prison of their own fear and the caged walls of an unknown room.

Separated Children Are Now Being Taken as Hostages to Force Deportations

According to The Texas Tribune, children who have been forcibly taken from their migrant parents are being held as hostages so that the parents will agree to voluntary deportation.

The newspaper is reporting that adults who illegally crossed the border into Texas with children are “being pressured by government officials” to sign voluntary deportation orders and are being told that doing so will allow them to be reunited with their children.  They are told that if they don’t sign the orders they will be deported without their children. read more

The Shame On Our Nation For This Humanitarian Crisis Will Last For Generations

Long after Donald Trump and his basket of scandals administration have left the White House, the shame of snatching kids from their parents and putting them in cages will endure.

The lifelong damaging effects of the trauma of this separation and the untold abuse and neglect including sexual harassment and assault suffered by these children will serve as a living reminder of this terrible and tragic chapter in American history.

WSJ Bashes Trump For Taking Credit For Solving ‘Problem of His Own Creation’

Although the Wall Street Journal is very conservative in some ways, that doesn’t mean that they are big Donald Trump fans, or that they support all of the president’s policies.

Lately the Journal has differed with Trump on his key issues of trade tariffs and immigration since they, like many “establishment” Republicans, support both free trade and a compromise on immigration reform. read more