Republicans, Family Research Council and Josh Duggar Are A Match Made In Heaven

It is curious that so many Americans were surprised over the revelations that a religious conservative idol is guilty of molesting his sisters, or that Republicans embraced the FRC's icon they must have at least suspected was a fraud. In fact, the close relationship between Republicans, the FRC, and Josh Duggar was a match made in heaven.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Is Stealing More From Children And Retirees To Fund Tax Cuts

Brownback's latest trickle down approach to make up for gross revenue shortfalls "crippling the state's finances" include cutting classroom funding for schools by another $127 million, cutting state payments to pension funds by $446 million, and stealing about $350 million from the state's transportation department funding.

Republicans Are Ready to Traumatize Poor Children

No matter how much they try to blame sequestration on Obama and the Democrats, Republicans set it up, and the victims will be the poor.

2011: The Year The Republican Party Repeatedly Humiliated America

In 2011, the Republican Party was a humiliation for Americans who have even the slightest hint of humanity