China Says Trump’s “Flip Flops” on Trade Hurt U.S. Credibility

On Tuesday President Donald Trump said that he would go ahead with his plan to impose $50 billion in tariffs on imports from China, and also implement new rules concerning limits on the investment by Chinese companies in U.S. high-technology industries.  The plan was rolled out by the president as part of his sweeping efforts to crack down on Chinese acquisition of U.S. technology which many people have considered illegal as well as threatening to U.S. security. read more

Trump Tries to Tank Stock Market With $100 Billion of New China Tariffs

For some unknown reason Donald Trump is trying to simultaneously undermine stock markets while at the same time eliminating millions of jobs in the red states that were his biggest supporters in 2016.

On Thursday Trump said he’s planning another $100 billion in tariffs on Chinese imported goods which increases the prospects of an ongoing and increasingly serious trade war with the largest country in the world. read more