China Says US Under Trump Damaged COVID Epidemic Cooperation

The Chinese government urged the Biden administration to “learn its lesson” from the Trump era and not blame Beijing for the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As the world’s No.1 superpower, the U.S. has done much damage to the international anti-epidemic cooperation, which has made the American people and many more in the world pay a heavy price,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said earlier today, adding that former President Donald Trump and his administration spread “false information” about the pandemic’s origins and further inflamed U.S.-China relations. read more

Pompeo Restricts Freedom of Movement of Chinese Diplomats in U.S. as Tensions Flare with Beijing

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced restrictions on the freedom of movement of Chinese diplomats in the United States. The announcement comes amid increasingly strained ties with China on matters of the economy, security, human rights abuses, technology, intellectual property, and public health in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Pompeo stressed that the restrictions are a direct response to restrictions placed on American diplomats in China and the “system of opaque approval processes” that limit the extent of their interactions with Chinese society. read more

China Rebukes Trump, Saying He’s Putting His Own Self-Interest Ahead of U.S. Interests

The Chinese government criticized President Donald Trump today and accused him of putting his personal self-interest ahead of American interests.

During his daily press briefing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said Trump, who has threatened to pull American businesses from China, has opted to “violate the will of the business community,” and is seeking to “coerce the normal investment” of companies, behavior that “runs counter to market economy law, which will finally harm themselves.”   read more

Trump Economic Advisor Complains That Disneyland Is Closed As Coronavirus Deaths Approach 80,000

One of the President’s economic advisors complained about Disneyland closures on Monday as Coronavirus deaths neared 80,000. Peter Navarro blamed the Chinese Communist Party for the situation.

Navarro is Donald Trump’s Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy and the Defense Production Act policy coordinator. He told Fox News that China had to face consequences. read more