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Want to Save American Democracy? Then Care About Starbucks Workers’ Union Victory

It’s a huge deal—people standing up a declaring they want a voice at the table in their workplace, to participate…

1 month ago

WATCH: Chris Hayes Ruthlessly Mocks Ted Cruz as the Ultimate Donald Trump Enabler

Ted Cruz was one of the first members of the resistance against Donald Trump. The Texas senator finished 2nd to…

9 months ago

Chris Hayes: Is Tucker Carlson Evil or in the Midst of a Genuine Breakdown

Tucker Carlson has not had an easy time since Donald Trump has been out of office. And with OAN and…

9 months ago

Chris Hayes Blasts Joe Manchin For Meddling With the Wildly Popular Stimulus Plan

Not all Democratic lawmakers are on equal footing. Those in blue states could be reelected in perpetuity regardless of what…

11 months ago

Ocasio-Cortez Says That the QAnon Members Now Control the GOP Caucus

In June of last year, Facebook videos emerged of Marjorie Taylor Greene making racist comments. A spokesperson for Kevin McCarthy…

12 months ago

Chris Hayes: Rupert Murdoch and Fox News Have “Waged War on Public Health”

On Friday, News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch was vaccinated against COIVD-19. The media mogul received the inoculation in England, where…

1 year ago

Why Democrats Must Make Trump Economy Key Issue in 2020

Recently Republican Congressman Sean Duffy from Wisconsin, in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, framed the looming prospect of Donald…

3 years ago

Trump Is Under At Least 4 Different Lines Of Criminal And Civil Investigation

It isn't just the Mueller investigation. There are at least four different lines of criminal and civil investigation into Donald…

3 years ago

Chris Hayes Stunned As EPA Whistleblower Details Scott Pruitt’s Theft From Taxpayers

MSNBC's Chris Hayes was stunned as he listened to EPA whistleblower, Kevin Chmielewski, detail how EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is…

4 years ago

GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt Slams Trump, His Administration, and Presidential Personnel Office

The Presidential Personnel Office is responsible for the vetting and hiring of nearly 4000 government employees with 1200 requiring Senate…

4 years ago

Keith Ellison Shames Both Parties For Not Standing United Against Trump’s Dangerous Presidency

There is no longer any excuse for members of Congress – especially the Democrats – to curb their opposition to…

4 years ago

GOP Lawmaker Falls Apart After Chris Hayes Busts Tax Plan For Killing Adoption Credit

GOP Rep. Mark Walker twisted himself into a pretzel on Wednesday when he tried to defend the Republican tax plan.

4 years ago

Carter Page Admits On Live TV That He May Have Talked Russia With Indicted Trump Associate

Page appeared to have incriminated himself by casually admitting that, yeah, he was on email chains about Russia with George Papadopoulos.

4 years ago

Chris Hayes Tears Apart GOP Rep For Refusing To Debunk Myth That Dreamers Steal Jobs

Once again, Trump is perpetuating an offensive lie and stirring up minority resentment to please his base, and GOP members…

4 years ago

Trump Administration Quoted Clinton Campaign Literature In Letter Explaining Comey Firing

The Trump administration was so desperate to fire the FBI director that they used Clinton campaign material to justify it.

5 years ago

Jake Tapper Calls Trump Attacks on Clinton “Ridiculous and, Frankly, Shameful”

Tapper called it a “bizarre and unfounded conspiracy theory” and that to say Foster’s death was anything but the suicide…

6 years ago

Bernie Sanders Makes His Strongest Statement Yet Suggesting He Will Support Clinton

At the MSNBC town hall with Chris Hayes, Bernie Sanders promised to do everything in his power to stop make…

6 years ago

MSNBC Ignores Their Viewers By Vowing To Keep Morning Joe And Move Or Cancel Liberal Shows

A major shakeup is coming to MSNBC. It is being reported that every show on the network with the exceptions…

7 years ago

Rumors Are Growing That MSNBC Is Moving Rachel Maddow to 8 PM To Replace Chris Hayes

Multiple outlets have reported over the last few weeks that Chris Hayes is going to be canceled, but the story…

7 years ago

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