Fox News Turns On Trump And Calls His Whistleblower Attack Misleading

Fox News spent some airtime, not defending Donald Trump on Friday, but calling his attack on the whistleblower misleading.

Kellyanne Conway Does Not Know What The Word Altered Means

Appearing on Fox News’ Chris Wallace Show Fox News Sunday yesterday, Kellyanne Conway was asked by Wallace about the tape capturing last week’s altercation between a White House intern and Jim Acosta from CNN,  and then circulated by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and InfoWars claiming the “altered video”  was not altered at all, because it is “done all the time in sports.” read more

Fox Fight! Two Top Anchors Tangle Over Trump Taking Blame

Fox News personalities Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace got into a verbal sparring match on the air Friday over the topic of President Donald Trump’s responsibility for politically-based violence.  They could not agree about how much Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric in his rallies might have caused the “MAGA Bomber” to mail bombs to more than a dozen Democrats and Trump critics over the past week. read more

Fox News Hammers Trump For Demanding Op-Ed Writer Be Prosecuted

Fox News host Chris Wallace slammed President Donald Trump on Friday for demanding that U.S. Department of Justice prosecute the person who wrote the anonymous New York Times editorial.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace slams Trump for his ‘disturbing’ demand to prosecute NY Times op-ed writer read more

Fox News Was Just Tougher On Putin Than Donald Trump

It spoke volumes when Fox News' Chris Wallace was more confrontational with Putin than Trump was during their summit.

Fox News Turns On Trump And Says His White House Is Lying About Russia Scandal

Even Fox News is starting to flee Trump, as Shep Smith and Chris Wallace told Fox News viewers that Trump is lying to them about the Russia scandal.

Fox News Trashes Trump As President’s Attacks On The Media Have Totally Backfired

On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace said that Fox News does not like Trump's attacks on the media and that Trump's attacks on the press are worse than anything that President Obama did with his media criticism.

Even Fox News Says Trump Is Lying About Inauguration Crowd Size

On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace confronted White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus with photographic evidence to dispute their inaugural crowd size lie.

Fox News Gets Destroyed While Trying To Blame Hillary Clinton For GOP Email Scandal

Hillary Clinton freezes out Fox News Sunday

Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace tried to blame Hillary Clinton for the email scandal that Republicans created and got destroyed by Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook.

Trump Claims Fox News’s Chris Wallace Rigged The Debate For Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is claiming that the third presidential debate was fixed as he believes that Fox News's Chris Wallace gave Hillary Clinton the questions in advance.

Chris Wallace Is Warping The Presidential Debate With Fox News Lies

Chris Wallace began a question about the economy with a flat out lie. Wallace claimed that the Obama stimulus has led to the slowest growth since 1949, which is not even close to true.

Trump May Have Lost Fox News As Damage Grows From Tax Return Leak

Fox News is showing signs of potentially abandoning Trump as surrogate Chris Christie was grilled by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

Media Matters Founder: Chris Wallace Moderating a Debate is a Conflict of Interest

"This is wrong on its face. Optically it stinks. And so I think the debate commission has a particular Chris Wallace problem that they need to address."

Donald Trump Says He Supports Chris Wallace Not Fact Checking Him

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Trump's plan is the same as ever: to lie early and often. Wallace's plan is to let him.

Fox News Turns On Trump And Busts Him For Lying About Black Poverty Statistics

Donald Trump is so far out of touch reality that Fox News Sunday busted the Republican nominee for lying about African-American poverty statistics.

Fox News Screws The GOP By Asking The One Question They Don’t Want To Answer

Fox News tells Donald Trump he can't win

Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace asked Republican chairman Reince Priebus the one question that Republicans don't want to answer, and the RNC boss's non-response could have devastating consequences for Republican candidates.

Fox News Looks Donald Trump In The Eye And Tells Him That He Can’t Win In November

Fox News tells Donald Trump he can't win

Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace looked Donald Trump in the eye and told him that he can't win in November with his terrible approval rating with Hispanics.

President Obama Leaves Republicans Whimpering After Conquering Fox News

Obama dominates on Fox News Sunday

President Obama left Republicans whimpering in the corner after an interview where he conquered Fox News.

Obama To Turn Fox News Into A Weapon Of Mass Republican Obstruction Destruction

President Obama is ending his two-year Fox News ban, by doing an interview that will air on Fox News Sunday. What is interesting is that the President will be using the interview to hammer Republicans for obstructing his Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland.

Fox News Guts Mitch McConnell As GOP Destroys Itself Over Obama SCOTUS Nominee

Mitch McConnell Fox News Sunday

Fox News turned on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and called out the hypocrisy of McConnell's obstruction of President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.