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Marching Backwards: Voters In Missouri Decide To Strip Civil Rights From LGBT Residents

Springfield voters repealed a non-discrimination ordinance on Tuesday, but the vote was very close in the Bible Belt community.

7 years ago

Swift Corporate Backlash Follows Indiana Governor Pence’s Decision To Sign Anti-Gay Law

Shortly after Indiana Governor Pence signed an anti-gay bill into law, corporations lined up to boycott the state in response.

7 years ago

Indiana Enacts Theocracy Legalizing Discrimination

On Thursday, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed legislation legalizing discrimination based on the religious right's "free exercise" of their bigoted…

7 years ago

Republican Kasich Forces Public Schools To Partner with Religion Or Lose Taxpayer Funding

Ohio Governor John Kasich made that "religious extremist duty" mandatory in Ohio. Kasich issued a statement through a spokesman informing…

7 years ago

Right-Wing Evangelicals Violate the Law and Campaign From the Pulpit

The organizers behind Pulpit Freedom Sunday do not even contend they are prohibited from preaching religion, they complain they cannot…

7 years ago

Right-Wing Christians Take It To a New Low By Handing Out Guns In Churches

The notion of so-called Christians exposing themselves as the anti-Christs they really are is being played out in the drive…

7 years ago

What the Media Calls Agendaless Is Really the Republican Plan To Destroy America

Political pundits are wont to claim Republicans obstruct governance and oppose policies and agendas that benefit the entire nation because…

8 years ago

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