Vice President Mike Pence Wants the Bible Taught As Science

The evangelical fundamentalists, all 13.2 percent of them, are appealing to vice president-elect Pence by petition and demanding that he, as head of domestic policy, inform president-elect Trump that it is crucial to immediately issue an executive order in"definitely banning” the teaching of evolution as science.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Slams Republicans’ Religious Freedom Laws

A powerful CEO of a giant corporation took the time to say what few others have; "There is something very dangerous happening in states across the country" of people using religion as a legislative weapon.

Republicans Propose New Privatization Scheme That Would Destroy Public Schools

Many Americans missed a Republican proposal to destroy the public school system because they were awaiting President Obama's State of the Union address

Dear Rick Santorum, America Elects Presidents Not Popes

It is likely Rick Santorum truly believes he was called by god to become America's pope and not the president.

Sarah Palin, Christian Dominionism and the Demonization of Islam

No attempt is made by Christian fundamentalists, who are hopelessly mired in the medieval thought-world, to actually understand Islam. Their purpose instead is to demonize it. The old crusader mentality is alive and well on the Right and marching in lockstep with that ancient persecution complex should anyone raise an eyebrow at their absurd claims.