Proof That Bigots Are Not the Best and Brightest

If you listen to the anti-gay rhetoric coming from the GOP, you realize just how desperately hateful and stupid these people are

Why Does the World Not End?

I'm perplexed by my continued existence. I mean, supposedly, my gods don't exist, and supposedly, if this Religious Right dude smites us all, I'm going down with all y'all.

Matthew Hagee Says it’s Not Climate Change You’re Feeling – It’s Jesus’ Return

Hagee says, "The Bible says that whenever we approach the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ,that there would be strange weather patterns."

Republican Condemns President Obama For Not Using the Old Testament to Guide Policy

It is astonishing, but one of their champions used the floor of the House to condemn President Obama for not utilizing Old Testament prophecy as a guiding force for Middle East policy,

George W. Bush Keynotes Event Promoting End Times

One of Jesus Christ's commands to his followers was to spread the good news of the kingdom of god by convincing them he was the Messiah, but that is not the intent of the event Bush is promoting.

Religious Scholar’s Book About the Historical Jesus Exposes Fox News’ Biases

From the moment these words leave Green's lips, "You're a Muslim. So why did you write a book about the founder of Christianity?" the interview is all downhill.

Pat Robertson Says You Have Demons in Your Underpants

Pat Robertson thinks there are demons in your underpantsr, so be sure to rebuke them before heading out of the house

The GOP Needs to Shed its God Problem Before it’s Too Late

The Republican Party needs to shed its God problem before its unhealthy obsession destroys America

Its the End of the World as You Know It

Joseph Farah wants you to believe an angry God is about to snuff us out, but first we have to survive the Republicans

Christian End-Time Fantasies Endanger Us All

Christian end time fantasies are not limited to the world of fiction; these people get elected to office and influence, even control policy

Bryan Fischer Says Jesus Had Capitalism in His DNA

Fischer strikes out monumentally when he claims Jesus was a capitalist's capitalist with capitalism in his DNA: read the Gospels, Bryan!