Republicans Ruin Christmas By Defending Trump As Godly

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) went on television and with a straight face defended Trump's character and praised his work for…

2 years ago

Pope Francis – Be A Christian and Stay Out of American Politics

The Pope has inserted his holy self into American politics by questioning Trump’s Christian bona fides

6 years ago

Republicans Stand Opposed To Equal Rights Even After SCOTUS Decisions

The rulings have absolutely no effect on any American who is not gay, and still, those unaffected ideologues are screaming…

8 years ago

A Look Inside A State Democratic Convention A.K.A. Vote for Colbert Busch Tomorrow

There's a lot of listening, clapping and jumping up and down at a Democratic state convention. Other than that, very…

9 years ago

The Bush Presidential Library, Museum and Think Tank. Think Tank?

Thursday marks the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, not to mention a think tank. What…

9 years ago

It Is Time For Democratic Women to Usurp the Power of Male Republicans

By any measure, America is in decline. The fault lies almost completely with male Republicans. Democratic women must usurp the…

9 years ago

Rick Warren Forgives Whoever Sold His Son the Unregistered Gun Used in His Suicide

After the brutal slayings of 20 precious Sandy Hook children, the son of Pastor Rick Warren shoots himself with an…

9 years ago

Mark Sanford’s Very Republican God Redeems His Career: He Is Forgiven So You Must Forget

Former Congressman and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is about as immoral and unethical as they get, but God is…

9 years ago

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin, the GOP’s New, Kinda New and Old Voices

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin seem to have captured the spirit of the current crop of Republicans; still…

9 years ago

The Bill to Fund the Government Is the Latest Bit of Stand-up Comedy From House Republicans

The primary purpose of House Bill 933 is to perpetuate the bloat of the defense budget and decimate domestic programs.

9 years ago

Millions of America’s Gun Nuts Aren’t Hiding Their Yearning for Civil War

After years of manipulation and buying off elected officials, a large percentage of radical right-wingers are planning a civil war.

9 years ago

No Harm, No Foul as Rich Folks Have No Reason To Fear Sequestration

On March 1st a decision will be made that could impact millions for at least 9 years. Jobs will be…

9 years ago

Republicans Love to Regulate When it Benefits Their Wealthy Friends

A long-time and oft-repeated Republican criticism of Democrats is the tendency to regulation. But, so do Republicans, especially for friends.

9 years ago

Calling all Right Wing ‘Patriots’ Please Identify All the Freedoms You’ve Lost

Right wing "patriots" are constantly complaining of losing their freedoms and liberty. I would ask what these freedoms and liberties…

9 years ago

Investigate Rick Scott for the Voting Obscenity that is Florida

As the absentee vote count continues in Miami-Dade county. Post-election, Rick Scott should be investigated

9 years ago

A last and final look at Mitt Romney close up prior to November 6th

There could be no worse selection for President than money-monger, Mitt Romney. He himself admits, 47% of the population will…

9 years ago

GOP uses Middle East tragedy to try to gain points for Mitt Romney

The Republicans are trying to manipulate tragic events in the Middle East to the benefit of foreign-policy challenged, Mitt Romney.

9 years ago

Casualties of Divide and Conquer

As I write, we know that the president of the Sikh temple was shot, and a Granthi of the Temple was…

9 years ago

A Liberal Infiltrates a GOP Town Hall of Full of Paranoid Fast and Furious Propaganda

A brave liberal correspondent ventures into an unpublicized town hall meeting rife with right wing propaganda and Fast and Furious…

9 years ago

Dr. James Dobson: Another Presidential Campaign, Another Chance to Hate Obama

Dr. James Dobson is an Obama-basher of long standing, and his behavior demonstrates why this country can never compromise the…

9 years ago

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