There Are Many Reasons for the Season and None Have Anything to do With Trump

There is no freedom in compelling others to celebrate the holidays of others...For Republicans, Christmas has become an un-Constitutional religious test.

Let’s Wink to the War on Christmas

"Unless a Starbucks cup is A) Threatening to murder you & B) Somehow seems to have the ability to do so Then some of you are overreacting

A Very Texas Christmas – Evangelicals Force Another Nativity Scene To Be Taken Down

Texas' governor claimed that the sentiment that others celebrate the holidays in their own way was bullying and persecuting Christians

House Republicans Introduce A War on Christmas Resolution

It was inevitable that at some point, the radicalized United States House of Representatives would become involved in an official way, in the imaginary "War on Christmas" Fox News works so hard to sell in between their "Happy Holiday" breaks:

Todd Starnes Says Muslim Holy Days in Public Schools Persecute Christians

It is difficult to have an intelligent conversation with somebody who wants a holiday which falls in the fall to be called the "mid-spring break"

Betty Bowers Looks at the Religious Right’s Best of 2014

Betty Bowers nails Dick Cheney by pointing out that for him, rectal feeding "is just eating through his mouth." That explains a lot!

Ferguson Protesters Spend Christmas Night Rebuilding Vandalized Michael Brown Memorial

After midnight had struck and another Christmas had passed, activists and protesters in and around Ferguson got word that a memorial in honor of slain teenager Michael Brown had been run over by a car and basically destroyed. they spent the next two hours rebuilding it.

Goodwill Towards Mankind Only During Winter Holidays

So, another December 25th has came and went and despite the religious right and Fox News pundits bemoaning a phony "war on Christmas," the commercial holiday came to fruition as it has for generations.

President And First Lady Michelle Obama Honor The Troops With Special Christmas Message

obama christmas message 2014

President and First Lady Obama sent all Americans, especially the troops overseas, a special Christmas greeting today.

David Barton Disciple Joining U.S. House Next Year Vows Holy War on Nonbelievers

Barry Loudermilk says he will fight against people who think they have a right to ruin Christmas by not being Christians like everybody else

Republicans Are Idiots – But Kirk Cameron’s Movie Officially Sucks So Cheer Up

Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas has lower ratings than Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 and The Hottie & The Nottie, and a big fat 0 at Rotten Tomatoes

Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Says Non-Religious People are Insane

Donohue says, non-religious people "believe in no-holds-barred. They don't like the three dreaded words in the English language...thou shalt not"

Why We Hate Plastic Baby Jesuses on our Courthouse Steps

It's not that we want to walk in the darkness that we fear plastic baby Jesuses, but that they don't belong on our courthouse steps

Fox & Friends Invoke Chuck Norris Over Religious Diversity in Our Public Schools

A Maryland school board removed all religious holidays from its calendar, angering Norris - would adding Muslim holidays have made him less angry?

Kirk Cameron Warns Against Drinking Pagan Kool-Aid this Christmas

Cameron told The Christian Post that, "I'm making 'Saving Christmas' because I love Christmas, I love everything about it." Everything but the facts, apparently.

Kirk Cameron Wants to Steal Halloween and Turn it Into Jesus Day

"You can give them Gospel tracts and tell the story of how every ghost, goblin, witch and demon was trounced the day Jesus rose from the grave"

Kirk Cameron is Saving Christmas from Atheists on November 14

Cameron says, "It's obvious that there is a deliberate attempt to snuff out the holy root that has produced all this wonderful Christmas-time fruit."

Buddhist Student Told to Change his Religion if he Doesn’t Want to be Taught Creationism in School

The Louisiana teacher's logic is that "if evolution was real, it would still be happening: Apes would be turning into humans today."