Trump Stops CIA From Briefing Senate on Khashoggi Murder

President Donald Trump will prevent CIA Director Gina Haspel or any other United States intelligence officer from speaking to the U.S. Senate concerning the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, an exiled Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist. read more

‘Smoking Gun’ CIA Recording May Prove Saudi Ordered Khashoggi Killed

A Turkish newspaper reported yesterday that the CIA has a “smoking gun” recording of a phone call which proves that Saudi Arabia‘s crown prince ordered the murder of exiled Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. read more

Stunning Report Shows The CIA Warned Israel That Trump Was A Putin Puppet Who Can’t Be Trusted

Before Trump was sworn in, the CIA warned Israel that Vladimir Putin had “leverages of pressure” over Trump.

Trump’s Own CIA Smacks Down His Claim That We Should Trust Vladimir Putin

The CIA remains confident in its conclusion that Russia waged a disinformation campaign in the U.S. to influence the election in Donald Trump's favor.

Former Bush Ethics Official Says Russian Spies Are “Running Around The West Wing”

Donald Trump

"It’s the KGB agents running around the West Wing or the national security council."

Career CIA Official Quits, Says He “Cannot In Good Faith” Serve Trump Administration

Donald Trump

"My decision had nothing to do with politics, and I would have been proud to again work under a Republican administration open to intelligence analysis," he said.

Draft Executive Order Calls for a Return to the Barbaric Days of Torture and Dark Sites

If Trump signs the order, the results will be the polar opposite of his jingoistic claim to “make America safe again.”

CBS Confirms Trump Brought His Own Studio Audience To Clap For Him At CIA Speech

CBS News confirmed reports that President Donald Trump brought a studio audience to his visit with the CIA on Saturday. The news agency reports that an official said the visit left a wake of "unease," “made relations with the intelligence community worse," and was “uncomfortable.”

Warning!! – A Petulant Child Is Loose In the Oval Office

Trump spent his first full day on the job complaining that he is not getting the human-turned-god treatment he feels he deserves like he gets at home.

Trump Blames the Outgoing CIA Chief for Info He May Have Been Compromised By Russia

Donald Trump speech

President-elect Donald Trump just pointed his fingers at the outgoing CIA Chief John Brenna for the intelligence leaks that suggest that Trump has been compromised by Russia and might have worked with Russia, a hostile foreign government, to advance his chances in the 2016 election.

Ex-CIA Director Leaves Transition Team After Trump Trashes Intelligence Community

Donald Trump speech

"Effective immediately, Ambassador Woolsey is no longer a Senior Advisor to President-Elect Trump or the Transition."

Trump Sells America Out To Putin With Plan To Cut The CIA

President-elect Trump is planning on cutting the nation's intelligence agencies in another move that is a direct sellout designed to empower Russia and Putin.

Congress Must Investigate After NSA Chief Confirms Russians Hacked Democracy

"Russia has perfected political warfare using cyber assets and apparently decided to apply these tactics so American democracy itself was hacked."

Despite Report of Watergate-Style Bugging At DNC Headquarters – FBI and Media Silent

"You have to take all of this incredibly seriously. We are the oldest political party and we are under constant attack from Russia and/or maybe others."

Security and Intelligence Officials Slam Trump’s Classified Briefing Reveal

This is the first time I can remember a candidate doing a readout from an intelligence briefing or politicizing their intelligence briefing.

During Confirmation Hearing Brennan Confirms Torture Did not Lead Us to Bin Laden

During questioning by Senator Diane Feinstein at his confirmation hearing, John Brennan confirmed once again that torture did not lead us to bin Laden.

Earth, Wind and Oil: Big Energy Triumphs Over Democracy

With the BP oil spill still raging after a month of disinformation and stonewalling from both BP and the Obama Administration as well as the catastrophe of the Massey coal mine explosion just two weeks prior to the BP Gulf disaster, the left and right are playing their trite and expected "blame game" without acknowledging the actual systemic realities of a Government that enables BP and Massey to rape and plunder the earth for the sake of profit at the expense of the environment and human life.