Most Americans Want Trump’s Supreme Court Pick to Limit Corporate Money in Politics

According to US News, “Two-thirds of Americans are opposed to the Supreme Court taking away abortion rights.” The latest poll from Quinnipiac University found that “American voters agree 63-31 percent with the U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision on abortion.” read more

Opinion: SCOTUS Hears Arguments To Tear Down Church and State Barrier

A ruling for theocracy will effectively demolish church-state separation and neuter the First Amendment’s religious clauses.

Americans Should Be Proud to Have a Candidate As Qualified and Passionate as Hillary Clinton

How cool would the cool kids feel if they knew they had been duped, that in scoffing about Clinton's scandals they were actually repeating scandals paid for by the folks behind Citizens United.

Donald Trump, His Foundation and Florida’s Attorney General Epitomize Corruption

The media refuses shine a light on real corruption of Trump’s foundation, or report that he admitted guilt in using his foundation illegally.

New Trump Hire Proves Hillary Clinton’s Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is Real

Trump's new Deputy Campaign Manager, Citizens United President David Bossie, "has devoted his career ever since to trying to tear down Hillary Clinton"

Here’s Why The Koch Brothers Are Going To Spend $42 Million To Keep Mitch McConnell In Power

The Koch brothers are no fans of Donald Trump, but there has been no bigger defender of their dark money corruption than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, which is why the Kochs are dumping their cash into Senate races.

House Republicans Follow Orders And Advance Corrupt Bill To Protect The Koch Brothers

House Republicans have followed orders given to them by the Koch brothers and advanced a bill that would keep Koch political contributions a secret.

George Clooney’s Reality Bomb: Most Of Money Raised Going To Democrats Not Clinton

George Clooney talks money in politics on Meet The Press

George Clooney pointed out on Meet The Press that the overwhelming majority of the money that his fundraisers with Hillary Clinton are bringing in is going to Democrats down ballot, not Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Bernie Sanders Schools Clueless Chuck Todd On The Impact Of Citizens United

Bernie Sanders discusses Nevada loss on Meet The Press

Bernie Sanders schooled Chuck Todd after the Meet The Press host suggested that Jeb Bush's departure from the Republican race meant that the Sanders message on Citizens United was resonating.

Obama Terrifies The Kochs By Taking The Citizens United Fight To The States

President Obama addresses Illinois General Assembly

While addressing the Illinois General Assembly, President Obama did what the billionaires and special interests fear most. He took the Citizens United fight to the states.

Even Conservatives Are Saying That Citizens United Must Be Stopped

It isn't just liberals and Democrats who believe that Citizens United must be overturned. Conservatives are increasingly realizing that the Koch enabling Supreme Court decision is silencing their voices too.

Bernie Sanders Has Benefited More From Super PAC Money Than His Democratic Rivals

The super PAC in question said they 'appreciate the irony' and would 'rather not be doing this' but they 'want to see Bernie as president'

President Obama On The Verge Of Issuing A “Citizens United Stunner”

Obama is about to issue an executive order requiring companies doing business with the federal government to disclose political contributions

Hillary Clinton Announces Koch Killing Plan To Get Rid Of Citizens United

Citizens United has been going after Clintons since 1992 and now they're going to feel the heat. Hillary Clinton has a plan to go after the nefarious dark money that's trying to buy elections and it goes beyond a Constitutional amendment.

Bernie Sanders Lobs A Crippling Blow At The Kochs With Bill To Publicly Fund Elections

During a campaign event in New Hampshire today, Sen. Bernie Sanders announced that he will be filing a bill that would effectively cripple the Kochs and right-wing billionaires by providing public funding for elections.

Federal Appeals Court Dealt McConnell And the Kochs A Bad Day

mitch mcconnell fox news sunday

The Appellate Court ruled that the ban on federal campaign contributions by individuals who contract with the government is constitutional. The takeaway from the ruling, besides putting a damper on McConnell's political life, is that regardless the push by the Koch-Republicans and two horrendous rulings by Koch acolytes on the Supreme Court, 11 appellate judges firmly believe there is too much money in politics and that more "can be a very bad thing."

Bernie Sanders Rips Presidential Candidates For Disgraceful Citizens United Money Grubbing

bernie sanders 2016 koch brothers

On the deadline day for quarterly presidential fundraising, Bernie Sanders ripped presidential candidates in both parties while calling for the overturning of Citizens United.

Poll Finds 80% Of REPUBLICANS Agree With Bernie Sanders On Citizens United

Sen. Bernie Sanders is often characterized by the media as an out of the mainstream presidential candidate, but a new CBS/New York Times poll revealed that 80% of Republicans agree with Sanders on the issue of getting money out of politics.

Obama Justice Department Being Pushed To Investigate Jeb Bush For Illegal Fundraising

Calls are growing from watchdog groups for President Obama's Justice Department to launch a federal investigation into what appears to be illegal fundraising by Jeb Bush.