Opinion: “Judicial Modesty” Is The New Legal Fig Leaf For Denying Civil Rights To LGBTQ Americans

While we don’t yet know how the Supreme Court will decide the major civil rights question before it regarding whether or not gay and transgender people are protected under federal legislation that outlaws employment discrimination “on the basis of sex,” the nature of the debates and the questions raised from the bench last week when attorneys for both sides presented arguments do not reflect well on this nation’s supposed commitment to civil rights. read more

How Civil Rights History Can Guide Democrats in Impeachment Decision

We need to know, and the nation’s knowing depends on Congress taking the lead, not waiting for the people's will to catch up.History shows that’s not how we realize our ideals and uphold the Constitution.

Roman J. Israel, Esquire, a Film that Connects Us to Our Radical Past to Challenge Trump’s Malevolence

Dan Gilroy’s 2017 film Roman J. Israel, Esquire, starring Denzel Washington and still lingering in theaters, has either been critically panned or just plain overlooked.

DHS Goes After First and Fourth Amendments With Expanded Social Media Surveillance

The DHS is ready to put digital Star of David armbands on every immigrant, and every naturalized American, according to Buzzfeed.

From Rauner to Trump, GOP Practices Politics of Erasure

The problem is, again, that those constituents you and I might call people, the GOP, federally and at the state level, have decided are “not even people.”

Jeff Sessions Makes An Unbelievable Promise to Protect Civil Rights For All Communities

On Thursday, Attorney-General Jeff Sessions told Federal Prosecutors he is committed to prosecuting hate crimes. Why don’t I believe him?

During Sessions’ speech he pledged “to protect the civil rights of all Americans — and we will not tolerate the targeting of any community in our country” I feel so much better about the rise in hate crimes since the election. No, I don’t. It’s because the evidence contradicts his words. The context is in reference to a successful prosecution of a hate crime in Mississippi where a transgender woman was murdered. read more

Opinion: Federal Appeals Court Rules it Is Illegal To Fire People Because They’re Gay

No one should be fired for being lesbian, gay, or transgender like happened to me and it’s incredibly powerful to know that the law now protects me and other LGBT workers.”

Opinion: North Carolina’s Bathroom Bill Repeal Is Sham

“This ‘deal’ does NOT repeal HB2. It’s HB2 dressed up in a way desperate lawmakers hope will save the state’s economy. There will be consequences for Dem and Rep alike.

Opinion: Trump Unleashes Hell By Rescinding Transgender Kids’ Protection

By following evangelical preachers’ edict to legalize discrimination against school-age children, Trump unleashed his theocrats and set a dangerous precedent.

Trump Administration Strips LGBTQ Rights Just Days After Sessions Confirmation

LGBTQ community

After only three weeks of this new administration, the fears of the LGBTQ community are becoming a reality.

Al Franken’s Dramatic Exposure of Sessions’ Civil Rights Record Gets Crickets

Through his questioning, Senator Al Franken exposed Jeff Sessions’ lies about his civil rights record in his questionnaire to the committee.

Too Racist to Be Federal Judge in 80s, Jeff Sessions to be Trump’s Attorney General

Sessions Trump needs to learn

"I told you the shit show would become so intense that the Bannon fiasco would soon seem like distant memory."

In a Microcosm of National Politics, Bigotry May Cost Republicans Dearly in North Carolina

"I wouldn’t vote for anybody that does something like that. The logic, I just can’t figure it out at all. It’s not comprehensible for me. It’s just too stupid.”

Civil Rights Museum Rejects Trump for Being Aggressive, Rude and Racist

The approach, the disrespect, and bullying to use the museum was inappropriate and reflective of the insensitivity [to] civil and human rights reflective of Trump over the years.

Racist Republicans Crusade To Keep Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream Unfulfilled

Despite the Civil Rights Movement, racism is as rampant in America as it was when Dr. King marched and revealed his dream.

Dirty Liar Charles Koch Campaigns As An Advocate For the Poor

The only regard Charles or David Koch have for the poor is keeping them in poverty and subjugated to the rich at any cost

Texas Republicans Violate The Constitution By Denying Citizenship To US Born Hispanic Children

Texas has been violating the 14th amendment, by refusing to issue birth certificates to American-born children of undocumented immigrants.

Racist Republican Leadership Absent From 50th Anniversary of Selma

One group that was glaringly absent from Selma on Saturday was any substantial representation of racist Republicans; most notably Republican leaders in Congress.

Racists Demand Punishment For African Americans Exercising First Amendment Rights

For decent Americans it is beyond comprehension that it is acceptable for white supremacists, whether they are St. Louis-area cops or owners of a sports bar, to demand that African Americans suffer punishment for exercising their constitutional rights.