Koch-Republicans Want the National Park Service’s 100th Anniversary to Be Its Last

The federal government's landholdings and control of water could be better used for ranching, mining or forestry through private ownership.

Utah Mormon Attempts To Block A Monumental Gift To the American People

The Park Service is set to receive a 87,500 acre donation of pristine land in the Maine Woods from a non-profit organization. Republicans say NO!

Mormon Republicans Continue Bundy’s War On Americans’ Public Lands

Mormon Rob Bishop (R-UT) wants to deliver America’s public lands, national parks, forests, and wilderness areas to Koch Industries’ control

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval Would Not Be A Moderate Choice For The Supreme Court

Sandoval opposes solar energy, gun safety laws, thinks Obamacare is unconstitutional and will uphold Vatican-5’s anti-women bloc for decades

Cliven Bundy Indicted by Federal Grand Jury for 2014 Standoff

Bundy faces decades in prison and a $3 million forfeiture, failing not only in his bid to steal public lands but possibly losing his own

Cliven Bundy’s In Jail: Now Arrest Republicans Who Incited Sedition Against America

Although the main seditious instigators are safely behind bars, the federal government needs to exercise its authority and impose some justice on Republicans who incited the sedition from the start.

From Federal Custody, Ammon Bundy Calls on Insurrectionists to Go Home

The situation is unraveling in Oregon. With its leadership in custody and federal authorities closing in, rats are fleeing the sinking ship

Furious Oregon Rancher Warns Mormon Rebel Bundy To Keep Off His Land

When Bundy tore down a fence adjoining a rancher's property, the rancher, Tim Puckett, angrily denounced the action and repaired the fence

Instead Of Calling For War Against American ISIS, Republicans Join Bundy Insurgency

Michele Fiore (R-Clark County) wants other Republicans to join the armed insurgents in the Koch-Mormon war against our federal government

Southern Poverty Law Center Warns of More Insurrection to Come

Nobody did anything about Cliven Bundy's armed insurrection, so it hardly comes as a surprise that his son Ammon should up the stakes

We Fought the War on Terror and All We Got was ‘Y’all Qaeda’

15 years of war on terror and the only folks to seize a federal building are a bunch of white guys with guns and no clue what it's all about

Following Mormon Trend Federal Judge Approves Uranium Mining In Grand Canyon

A federal judge has granted approval for a Canadian corporation to begin mining for uranium in the Grand Canyon National Park

Koch Republicans Advance Plan To Eliminate America’s National Parks

Now that the Kochs own Congress and were able to install a willing anti-government Republican as Chairman of the House Natural Resources committee, they were thrilled to learn they succeeded in killing the LWCF in yet another step toward turning over government to corporate control.

Inaction In the Bundy Standoff Legitimizes Anti-Government Sedition In Montana

Republicans are guilty of inciting insurrection against the authority of the United States by supporting armed, anti-government militias

Koch Brothers Are Ramping Up To Eliminate National Parks And Seize Federal Lands

a Koch and ExxonMobil-funded organization is calling for an end to national parks and privatization of all federally-owned land.

Colorado Republicans Are Pushing Koch Legislation To Seize Federal Land

It is unclear how a state can have "joint jurisdiction" over land it does not own and has no claim to, but the Colorado Republicans' effort is a first step in a much more ambitious scheme; seizing and handing authority over federal land to the billionaire Koch brothers to drill for oil, mine, and log without "interference" from the federal government.

Cliven Bundy Republicans Campaign To Seize and Sell Off Federal Land

Now, there is a serious movement among Republicans who embrace Bundy's claim the federal government is forbidden from owning land and the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Colorado is actively campaigning on a promise of seizing all federal land.

Cliven Bundy Supporter Who Shot BLM Ranger At California Campground Identified

Brent Douglas Cole has been identified as the suspect believed to be responsible for shooting a BLM ranger over the weekend.

Republicans Are Guilty of Inciting Gun Violence Against the Government in Las Vegas Shooting

Call the shooting the start of a revolution, "taking our country back," watering the tree of liberty, 2nd Amendment remedies, armed and dangerous, or any number of the GOP's favorite Obama-era slogans from the right-wing propaganda machine, but call it what it really is; a product of Republican and teabagger anti-government white supremacist rhetoric.

Racist Police Commissioner Who Called President Obama The N-Word Has Resigned

CNN is reporting that Robert Copeland, a police commissioner in New Hampshire who unapologetically used a racial slur when referring to the President, has decided to resign from office.