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Nancy Pelosi Calls Out CNN’s Supposedly Bad Biden Poll

Nancy Pelosi Calls Out CNN’s Supposedly Bad Biden Poll

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi pointed out that the CNN poll that looked bad for Biden, but also had some problems.

9 months ago

CNN Poll Claims Americans Believe Lies about President Biden

A new CNN poll claims that sixty-one percent of respondents think President Biden was involved in his son's business dealings…

9 months ago

Republicans Thrown For A Loop As Poll Shows Biden Classified Docs “Scandal” Is A Flop

Republicans have been trying to use the classified documents "scandal" that they are attempting to gin up to hurt Biden,…

1 year ago

The 1/6 Committee Has Laid Waste To Trump As Nearly 80% Think His Actions Were Illegal Or Unethical

According to a new poll, 79% of Americans believe that Donald Trump's actions on 1/6 were illegal or unethical. Just…

2 years ago

CNN Mocks Trump’s Legal Threat Over Poll Showing Biden Leading

CNN responded to Trump's cease and desist letter over a poll by comparing him to a dictator and calling claims…

4 years ago

Seniors Flock To Biden As Trump Support Drops By 22 Points

Trump won seniors with 52% of the vote in 2016, but Joe Biden now gets 57% of the support of…

4 years ago

Crash and Burn: Trump Approval Drops 16 Points Among Independents

The #1 factor that determines results of midterm elections is this: the approval ratings of the president. Based on the…

6 years ago

New CNN Poll Shows Huge Lead for Democrats in Generic Ballot

We’ve been writing all year about the likelihood of a Blue Wave in November’s midterm elections. The latest CNN Poll…

6 years ago

Trump’s Approval Rating On Immigration Hits All-Time Low

In the past month President Donald Trump’s approval rating on the immigration issue has dropped five points and now sits…

6 years ago

Trump In Trouble As 60% Of America Thinks He Knew His Campaign Was Working With Russia

To make matters worse for Trump, an even larger number of Americans – nearly two thirds – believe that the…

7 years ago

Trump’s Approval Rating On Handling Hurricanes Crashes By 20 Points After Puerto Rico Disaster

The finding from CNN is a clear indication that Trump's Katrina-like handling of the devastation in Puerto Rico isn't going…

7 years ago

America Tells Trump He Is A Terrible President With Record High Disapproval Rating

Donald Trump has set a record by registering the highest disapproval rating of any newly elected president in the history…

7 years ago

Undecided, Third-Party Leaners Are Breaking Hard For Hillary Clinton In The Homestretch

Clinton's support continues to inch closer to 50 percent as third-party leaners flock to the Democratic nominee.

8 years ago

NBC’s Corrected Version Of CNN Poll Gives Clinton A Four-Point Lead Over Trump

The CNN poll "assumes an electorate we've never seen before," Chuck Todd said.

8 years ago

Republican Dreams Shattered As 91% Of Bernie Sanders Backers Support Hillary Clinton

The Democratic convention achieved one of its biggest goals as according to a new CNN poll 91% of Bernie Sanders…

8 years ago

GOP In Chaos As Nearly Half Of Republicans Want To Dump Trump

A new poll shows that 48% of Republicans want someone else to be their presidential nominee besides Donald Trump.

8 years ago

The American People Warn Republicans: Don’t Shut Government Down Over Planned Parenthood

A new poll contains a strong warning to Republicans from the American people that they will pay if they shut…

9 years ago

Obama Approval Soars: President Is Now More Popular Than Bush and Equal To Reagan

Thanks to a growing economy President Obama's approval rating has reached its highest level since May of 2013. Obama is…

9 years ago

Two New Polls Bring Great News For President Obama and Congressional Democrats

Two polls, one from Gallup that showed President Obama's approval rating surging with Hispanics, and one from CNN that showed…

9 years ago

Chris Christie Is Toast as Hillary Clinton Opens Up a 16 Point Lead In 2016 Match Up

A new CNN/ORC poll finds Chris Christie slipping further into the never going to be president netherworld, as Hillary Clinton…

10 years ago

80% of GOP Thinks Bush’s Presidency Was a Success i.e. 8 in 10 Republicans are Insane

A new CNN poll shows just how far away from sanity the Republican Party has drifted. According the poll, 80%…

11 years ago

Why Obama Is Winning: 57% of Registered Voters Blame Bush and GOP for Economy

A new CNN poll explains why President Obama is leading in the polls. By margin of 57%-35% registered voters blame…

12 years ago

63% of Americans Demand That Mitt Romney Release His Tax Returns

A new CNN poll released today found that 63% of respondents and 61% of registered voters thought that Mitt Romney…

12 years ago

A President Reborn: Heading Into 2011 Support For Obama Surges

According to the latest CNN/Opinion Research poll, President Obama's latest string of legislative victories including the ratification of the START…

13 years ago

GOP Left In the Dust As Obama Gets All The Credit for Tax Cut Deal

According to the new CNN/Opinion Dynamics poll, confidence is growing among Americans that President Obama's policies will move the nation…

13 years ago