Analyst: Cohen Will Provide ‘Sordid and Chilling’ Evidence Against Trump

Cohen testimony schedule

On Morning Joe today co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough discussed the busy week ahead for former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen. Cohen will meet with the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, and the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday. read more

BuzzFeed Hits Back, Publishes Evidence of Trump Tower Moscow Plans

BuzzFeed News hit back at Donald Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday night, publishing a massive treasure trove of documents proving the president’s involvement in detailed plans for a Trump Tower Moscow. read more

NY Daily News: ‘Trump is Toast — This Really is the Beginning of the End’

Trump too busy to visit troops

With all of the news that has come out recently about crimes committed by Donald J. Trump, many people are asking this one all-important question: How the heck can this joker still be President of the United States? read more

Waiting for Mueller Memos, Trump Freaks Out in Twitter Meltdown

Donald Trump had one of his longest and most angry Twitter meltdowns ever this morning. He appears to be completely freaking out as he waits for special counsel Robert Mueller’s next move.

The targets of the president’s attacks today include: read more

With Manafort and Cohen Flipping, Hannity’s Goose is Cooked

Robert Mueller’s top two star witnesses —Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen — have pleaded guilty and are working with him. And, as it turns out, both of them have a history of very close connections with not only the president but also Donald Trump’s friend and supporter Sean Hannity. read more

Trump’s Stupid Fixer Brings Rape Charges Back in the Public Eye

Michael Cohen must be the worst “fixer” in the world. He is supposed to fix Donald Trump’s legal and political problems but instead through his own stupid actions he has brought to the forefront some old rape charges against Trump that he thought had been buried years ago. read more

The FBI Has Tapes As Wiretap Catches Trump And Cohen Call (Updated)

At least one phone call between the White House read Trump, and Michael Cohen was caught in the FBI's wiretap of Trump's lawyer.

MMA Fighter Has Long Connections With Putin, Trump and Cohen

Fedor Emelianenko is one of the greatest heavyweight fighters in the history of mixed martial arts (MMA), which is an extremely brutal and violent sport.  Fedor Emelianenko also happens to be a Russian who has been seen extensively through the years with one of his biggest supporters:  Russian President Vladimir Putin. read more

Rosenstein Saves His Job — Tells Trump He’s Not A Criminal Target

You don’t get to be Deputy Attorney General of the United States by being dumb.  And Rod Rosenstein just proved how really smart he is.

Rosenstein recently communicated to President Trump that he is not a “target” of any federal criminal investigation Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime attorney and “fixer.” read more