Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is Running For President in 2020

John Hickenlooper

The governors are coming, the governors are coming.

Former Democratic Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has just announced that he is running for president in 2020. He joins Washington state governor Jay Inslee who announced last week that he is also seeking the Democratic nomination for president next year. read more

Sessions’ Sermon On the Dangers of Legal Marijuana Is a Pack of Lies

Jeff Sessions told so many lies about non-existent dangers associated with legal recreational marijuana that it likely made his audience's heads spin.

Trump-Leaning Pollster Quinnipiac Shows Clinton With Solid Swing-State Leads

Hillary Clinton polling

If the alarm bell wasn't already sounding in Trumpland, these results from their favorite pollster should do the trick.

Disaster Looms for GOP as Donald Trump is Turning Swing States Blue

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

There are more registered Democrats than Republicans in Colorado for the first time in 20 years

Colorado Demon Hunter Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt Endorses Ted Cruz

"This weekend Sen. Ted Cruz announced the support of demon-hunting, anti-gay exorcist and Colorado state Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt"

Colorado State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt Flees Questions, Calls Security

Klingenschmitt sees demons everywhere, so maybe that's what he thought he saw when he called security to eject a journalist asking a question

Victory For Education: State Supreme Court Rules Charter Schools Unconstitutional

The Washington state Supreme Court has ruled, in a very one-sided decision of 6 - 3 that charter schools are unconstitutional

Hillary Clinton Hammers Jeb Bush On Women’s Health And Immigration

At an organizing event in Colorado, Hillary Clinton hammered Jeb Bush for his policies on women's health and immigration.

With A Stroke Of His Pen, President Obama Renders Hobby Lobby Ruling Obsolete

According to the Catholic justices' ruling, the Obama Administration 'must' provide an accommodation for "religious" for-profit corporations and on Friday, President Obama did just that in response to the High Court's decision. In fact, what President Obama did was effectively neuter the Hobby Lobby ruling and ensure that all women, even those employed by 'religious corporations,' will still have birth control covered at no cost to them; even if their evangelical employers object and refuse to provide it.

Colorado Supreme Court Rules Using Public School Money For Private Religious Instruction is Unconstitutional

The poor performance of deliberately underfunded public schools allows legislators to siphon off funds to religious institutions in the name of education.

Koch Brothers Astroturf Director Fails Again With “Millions Of Montanans” Tweet

Montanans may not be fans of President Obama, but they also are suspicious of organizations funded by out of state billionaires.

Colorado Republicans Are Pushing Koch Legislation To Seize Federal Land

It is unclear how a state can have "joint jurisdiction" over land it does not own and has no claim to, but the Colorado Republicans' effort is a first step in a much more ambitious scheme; seizing and handing authority over federal land to the billionaire Koch brothers to drill for oil, mine, and log without "interference" from the federal government.

FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force Investigating Explosion Near Colorado NAACP Office

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating an explosion that was detonated near a Colorado Springs NAACP office on Tuesday.

Oklahoma and Nebraska Marijuana Sales in Colorado are Against Foreign Laws, So Stop it!

Red States Nebraska and Oklahoma incredibly claim federal law trumps state law, and that foreign laws are more important than state laws.

Neighboring States Suing Colorado Over Marijuana Legalization

Republican Attorneys General from Nebraska and Oklahoma filed a lawsuit against the state of Colorado for its law legalizing marijuana.

Tom Tancredo Says Republicans in Congress Have Stockholm Syndrome

Tancredo says GOP is impotent. Impotent yes. Because they're ideologically blinkered idiots. Not because they identify with their "captor" Obama.

Midterm Madness – Meet the Latest Republican Crazies to Hold Office

Gordon Klingenschmitt brings his demonic obsessions to the Colorado State Senate and Michael Peroutka his neo-Confederate secessionism to Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Oregon Initiative Is A Blueprint For National Marijuana Legalization

Regardless what one thinks about marijuana use, whether for recreational purposes or for its many medicinal applications, the time has come to seriously consider putting an end to its criminalization nationwide.

Latest Poll Shows Democrat Mark Udall Gaining Five Points In Colorado US Senate Race

In a Quinnipiac poll last week, the firm showed Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) ahead of the incumbent Democrat Mark Udall by seven points, 46% to 39%. However, Monday's results showed the race a lot tighter, with Gardner's lead shrinking to two points, 45% to 43%.