Women-Hating Republicans Are Making a Major Effort to Appear Pro-Choice

Don't believe Republicans. Ladies, if a Republican says he has your back, clench; it's not because he wants to give you a back rub.

Conservative Filmmaker’s Attempt To Prove Voter Fraud In Colorado Blows Up In His Face

Conservative activist and professional troublemaker James O'Keefe released another one of his 'blockbuster' stings Wednesday that supposedly showed voter fraud in action in Colorado.

The Media Finally Catches On That Democrats Are Running The Better Senate Campaigns

Don't look now, but even the mainstream corporate controlled media are catching on that Democrats are running more effective Senate campaigns than Republicans.

Colorado Republican’s Claim that America Ended Slavery Voluntarily Steals Our History

Pamela Mazanec asks, "Shouldn't our students be provided that viewpoint? This is part of the argument that America is exceptional."

Fox Bristles At Colorado Students Thinking For Themselves Beyond Pizza And The Bible

During the past week, hundreds of students in Colorado were protesting conservative efforts to infuse their ideology and religion in textbooks for an advanced high school history class.

A Fracking Disaster: Scientists Directly Link Fracking To Earthquakes and Health Hazards

The team of U.S. Geological Survey scientists found a wealth of evidence "directly linking" an increase in Colorado and New Mexico earthquakes since 2001 to wastewater injection widely used in hydraulic fracturing as well as conventional drilling.

Cliven Bundy Republicans Campaign To Seize and Sell Off Federal Land

Now, there is a serious movement among Republicans who embrace Bundy's claim the federal government is forbidden from owning land and the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Colorado is actively campaigning on a promise of seizing all federal land.

Latest Polls Show Colorado Democratic Senator Pulling Away From GOP Opponent

Two separate polls that were released on Sunday show that Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) is ahead of his Republican opponent, Rep. Cory Gardner. Colorado is a state that Republicans feel is vital in their attempt to take over the Senate this November.

2nd Amendment Extremists Lose as Judge Upholds Two Colorado Gun Laws

After a two-week civil trial a U.S. District Chief Judge, Marcia Krieger, ruled the lawsuit lacked standing and dismissed it, and said the plaintiffs presented absolutely no evidence that limiting gun magazines to 15 rounds seriously diminished anyone's ability to defend themselves.

Ted Nugent’s He-Man Bromance with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach

Nugent claims, "Kris Kobach is our ass kickin BloodBrother & on the frontlines taking on the America hating ObamaGang at every turn"

Democrat Turns The Tables and Blasts House Republican for Voting Against VA Funding

Democratic candidate for Colorado's 6th Congressional District Andrew Romanoff turned the tables on his Republican opponent, using the VA against him due to his awful voting record on veterans' issues.

Colorado GOP Lawmaker: It’s ‘a Good Thing’ Aurora Shooter Had 100-Round Magazine

A Republican lawmaker thinks it might have been a good thing James Holmes had a 100 round magazine, because they are prone to malfunction.

Reefer Madness: Chris Matthews Joins Chorus of Beltway Blowhards Scared of Weed

On Hardball, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews joined the growing chorus of Beltway pundits who are terrified of the potential consequences of legal marijuana. Taking aim at President Obama’s statement that marijuana is “no more dangerous than alcohol, Matthews lamented: read more

The Real Tragedy After Newtown Is That There Has Been Nothing Done

The real tragedy of the Newtown massacre was that despite scores of legislators saying it was finally time to move to address mass gun violence, there has been absolutely nothing done.

CO State Senator Resigns Preventing Recall and Preserving Democratic Senate Majority

Facing a potential recall effort for her vote to strengthen Colorado's gun laws, State Senator Evie Hudak (D-Westminster) took one for the team and resigned today

Religious Right Freaks out When Air Force Academy Obeys Constitution

Tony Perkins says religious freedom is FORCING Air Force cadets to say "So help me God" at the end of their Honor Oath

CNN Makes Man Made Global Warming Front Page News

A UN report coming out Monday reveals that world climate scientists are 95 percent confident that we humans are causing global warming

Family Research Council Says Starving Children is Christian Thing to Do

Ken Blackwell of the Family Research Council (FRC) says there is "nothing more Christian" than cutting food stamps

In the Midst of Historic Flooding Colorado Secessionists Deny Climate Change

Two Weld County commissioners supporting secession made statements that have a direct correlation to why the state is experiencing a event that is bound become a regular occurrence across America.

For the Second Time In Three Months America Hating Republicans Try to Secede

For the second time in less than three months, a disgruntled group of conservatives went beyond talking about secession and one has taken the first step form their own state.