Colorado Recalls Are an NRA Political Terror Campaign to Keep the Violence Flowing

The real point of the recall elections of two Democratic Colorado state senators is to scare legislators into never supporting even the most common sense gun laws.

Religious Right Says Supreme Court and Constitution Are Irrelevant

Apparently God already decided what constitutes marriage and he wins 1-0. Of course, they can't show you that part of the Constitution

The GOP’s Vorpal Blade of Cognitive Dissonance Goes Snicker-Snack!

Reality is the ultimate enemy of Republican ideology, so Tom Tancredo picks up his vorpal blade and shows himself asylum-ready

Election Day 2012 Boils Down Not to Fantasy But to Our Shared Reality

With Hurricane Sandy, Republican fantasy met the facts on the ground and lost; our shared reality is more potent than wishful thinking

Obama Swing State Voter Registration and Early Voting Margins Are Bigger Than 2008

The Obama campaign announced today that their voter registration and early voting margins in Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, and Florida are bigger than they were in 2008.

Media Warns of a Tight Race as Obama Draws Big Crowd of 11,200 in Nevada

The swing state of Nevada is pumped up. 11,200 people waited in line during 90 degree heat to see Obama yesterday in Las Vegas.

Is a Pretty Young Mormon Woman Evidence of GOP Voter Fraud?

Innocent misunderstanding or more? A young Mormon woman says she works for the County Clerk and is only registering Romney voters

Polls Show Obama Leading in North Carolina, Florida, Colorado and 4 Other Swing States

Seven new swing state polls released today all came to the same conclusion. President Obama has at least a four point lead in Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Invalid Signatures Keep Colorado Personhood Off the Ballot in November

Personhood fell victim to its own dishonesty yesterday in Colorado, even as the Romney campaign called the abortion debate a distraction

In Colorado Obama Self Deports Romney Out of the Campaign

In Pueblo, CO, President Obama took Mitt Romney to task for his self-deportation immigration policy, and called the Dream Act the right thing to do.

The Case against Using Religious Freedom to Block Birth Control Access

As the birth control mandate went into effect this week, religious freedom arguments continue to threaten it. Here's why they're wrong.

Hate Group Blames Colorado Massacre on America’s Lost Fear of God

The AFA says people died because we've lost our fear of God; more accurately, they died because we insist on misreading the Second Amendment

How Will Taxed California Fare During This Heatwave?

But even with the worries of another possible firestorm, because California taxed itself, we managed to protect ourselves a lot better than Colorado.

Tax-Hating Republicans Meet Mother Nature

Fighting the Colorado wildfires costs a lot of money, and now the tax hating Republicans in the state are begging other states for money.